Well… here I am

… trying this blogging thing for the first time ever. I really hope I’ll be able to keep this up regularly – between writing my master thesis (and sifting through mountains of 2000-year-old shards for it), earning enough money to pay my rent (and yarn addiction), two demanding cats and my diverse crafting adventures (mostly knitting, of course, but also tablet weaving, weaving, a little crochet and sewing), I sometimes forget to get anything else done.

We’ll see.

Over the next posts I’ll try to show you a few pictures of finished objects I accumulated over the years (since knitting is what this blog will be mainly about). For today I’d like you to meet my two furry friends (or employers, as they’d probably insist).

The Devious Duo plotting the next cupboard heist.

To the right: Lilly the chaoscat who has been with me for some years now. She’s basically a stomach on four legs and will eat anything she gets her paws on. Leftover potatoes for tomorrow? Check.
Roses for my birthday? Check.
Bean sprouts I want to plant next week? Check.
Spoons? It’s always worth a try.

To the left: Helge the tomcat who joined us three years ago. He was found in a roadside ditch as a baby and raised by humans – he thinks everyone is his mommy and just wants to be loved by them. Never had a cuddlier cat in my life, though he is not exactly pretty and not the sharpest knife in the drawer either.


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