FO Friday

Having read countless knitting blogs over the last decade I’ve always enjoyed regular features – like WIP or FO presentation days. I it ain’t broke, don’t fix it – it’s a great format in my opinion, so you’ll be treated to (or have to suffer through) a finished object once a week (if I have one to show, of course). Welcome to FO Friday! If you want to see what others have finished, click for Tami’s Amis Blog.

Summer dress

I’ll start this time with a summer dress I actually finished last year. It’s Jill’s Dress from Kristina McGowans wonderful book Modern Top-down Knitting.

Only this week (when I put it on the first time this summer) I realised that I never added the project to my Ravelry profile, even though I’m totally happy with it. Silly me! It’s been rectified by now and I’d like to introduce you to this pattern…

The fit is great and from a few feet away you wouldn’t even think it’s knit. The faux ‘seams’ you crochet on afterwards give it a tailored look and won me many compliments (who doesn’t like compliments?).


  • Project: Summer Dress
  • Pattern: Jill’s Dress by Kristina McGowan
  • Yarn: 50% merino / 50% silk, single ply, knitted with 5 strands held together (that was quite a bother sometimes)
  • Needles: 3.5mm KnitPro Symfonie interchangeable wood needles
  • Notes: Ok, sorry about the notes but since I finished this about 9 months ago I don’t remember too much about it. The placement of the crochet ‘seams’ was quite tricky – I marked the intended positions with scrap yarn and had to change them several times before I was halfway happy with them. By now I’d definitely start the ‘bustline’ a few inches lower for a more graceful curving line but I can’t bring myself to ripping it out and doing it all over yet again.

Wer kennt ihn nicht, den FO Friday? Ich habe es schon immer toll gefunden, mir die fertigen Projekte von anderen anzusehen und mich davon motivieren zu lassen.
Mein erstes FO Friday Projekt ist zwar schon letztes Jahr fertig geworden, aber ich hatte es total vergessen und auch erst in den letzten Tagen by Ravelry eingetragen. Dabei ist es ein wirklich tolles Strickmuster (und Buch) und für das fertige Kleid habe ich schon eine Menge Komplimente eingeheimst. Besonders die aufgehäkelten falschen Nähte sind ein echter Hingucker.

  • Projekt: Summer Dress
  • Strickmuster: Jill’s Dress von Kristina McGowan
  • Garn: 50% Merino / 50% Silk, sehr fein, 5-fach gehalten
  • Nadeln: 3.5mm KnitPro Symfonie Holznadeln
  • Anmerkungen: Da das Ganze schon eine Weile her ist, kann ich nur noch einen kleinen Hinweis geben. Für die falschen Nähte sollte man die Position der geschwungenen Linien auf jeden Fall mit kontrastfarbenem Garn und einer Stopfnadel markieren und den Sitz im Spiegel prüfen. Ich habe mehrfach die Linienführung verändert bis ich halbwegs zufrieden war.

9 thoughts on “FO Friday

  1. Looks fantastic! I’d be willing to bet that I’m going to need to keep running many miles before I can even think about wearing something like that though… perhaps if I start both at the same time? hmmmm.

    • Thank you! Dress knitting really isn’t that scary – just tell yourself “It’s a slightly larger sweater… and you need not do sleeves, too!” 🙂

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