I’m organized (I swear)

Plans for today include:

  1. Cleaning up the kitchen… my least favorite task. So I’ll do this first before I may do nicer things.
  2. Work on my first triangular shawl design. I want to add a colorwork border and had it all planned out. But after adding a few repeats of my chosen pattern to my test knit shawl I was hugely unimpressed. After agonizing over it for a day or two I finally ripped it out yesterday and am back at the planning table again. Send me over some creative sparks, if you have them to spare, will you?
  3. Gardening. Not too much to do there, since my ‘garden’ is a balcony. But I grow herbs, zucchini, some lovely striped eggplants and tomatoes in addition to totally useless but pretty flowers. So even though I don’t have to tend acres of land, some weeding, watering and general caretaking has to be done every few days. But I love it – it’s nice to have a little illusion of ‘farming’ while living in the middle of the city.
  4. Cooking. In my hopefully all cleaned up kitchen I’ll just make a quick dish of stewed cucumbers with cream sauce and rice. It’s one of my favorite recipes for summer – light, quick and simple. (And since the weather has decided to act summery for a change, I’ll take the hint)
  5. Work. Blargh. I hate sunday-shifts. But a regular supply of cucumbers, heaps of cat food and my yarn addiction all have to be financed. So off I’ll go to earn my keep (hopefully fueled by nice stewed cucumbers).

That’s it for my Sunday… and if I want to get all of it done today, I’d better get started. I hope you have some nice things planned out to do today and enjoy your weekend!


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