One hour of summer

Yes, we had about one hour of sunshine yesterday before I had to leave for work , so I took that chance to snap a few quick fotos of my balcony/’garden’. Can you tell we’re not having the best summer ever?

But whatever the weather, I love having my own tiny little space of green in the city and have been growing vegetables and herbs since I moved here. I even used to have a little ‘garden-pont’ (including a water-lily) in a big black mortar bucket, but the heavy frost in february killed everything in it. It also killed the bamboo, the larkspur, and most of the herbs.

It probably seems silly to people with big gardens or those living in the country with acres of green all around them, but tending my few containered greens, watching them blossom and starting to bear fruit and finally harvesting the (rather meager) crop makes me insensibly happy.

So, meet my green friends:

Ok, the foto is crappy – these are the two eggplants with the alien-blossoms. I shouldn’t have planted them so close together – but they were so tiny when I put them out… In the small pot we have parsley.

Then there’s rosemary…

… and marjoram (he’s a survivor of the last winter).

Not to forget the coriander.

The swiss peppermint is doing exceptionally fine this year.

I have green zucchini…

… and yellow zucchini. In the background there’s a red and a yellow pepper plant.

I’m quite proud of my tomatoes – there are cocktail tomatoes, roma tomatoes, a breed called ‘Harzfeuer’ and one old variety called ‘Black Krim’ that’s supposed to have zebra-like stripes when ripe.

And it looks like there’s really going to be some sort of harvest this year:

Tiny yellow zucchinis…

… and tiny tomatoes.

And at last one shot of the best part of balcony number one. There’s a second one on the other side but I didn’t have time to fotograph there (it’s untidy anyway since the winter’s massacre, nothing left but some squash, a bamboo skeleton and the ruins of the pond) and now it’s raining. Again. Who would have thought?

The eggplants would be to the left and the peppermint behind me. Also meet cat number 2 with the stupid name Helge (I didn’t pick that). He always has to come out with me and drives me nuts – if I don’t keep an eye on him he starts climbing to other balconies or tries to catch bees on the railing.


4 thoughts on “One hour of summer

  1. Thank you both for your interest!
    There’s nothing like the first, self-grown, sunwarmed tomatoe of the summer. I’m checking twice a day if they’re there yet – like a child before Christmas…

  2. I am impressed by your container garden! It makes me want to be more ambitious with my own next year. My tomatoes are just beginning to ripen here and I’m practically drooling with anticipation.

  3. You have more plants growing on your balcony–in better condition and a bigger variety–than I do in my big yard/garden. Don’t worry about a tiny space! This way you don’t have to feel guilty about knitting instead of mowing the lawn!

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