FO Friday #3 – Justina

Happy FO-Friday everyone!

Just a very short update from me – I’m using my coffee-break at work to post this and will be headed to watch the quarter-finals of Euro 2012 directly after work…

Skirt: ‘Justina’ by Norah Gaughan;
Top: 126-36 from Drops Design

  • Project: Justina (designed by Norah Gaughan) and an unnamed top
  • Notes: Ok, on Justina – think, girl, before you knit a skirt that is made up of stripes of holes! I still like the skirt (I love wearing knitted items that are not your typical sweater) but always have to wear another skirt underneath. If I can ever motivate myself, I’ll sew on a slip to make it a complete garment, but for now I’ll just keep layering.
    Oh, and one other thing: If most of the project pages on Ravelry warn you that the waistband will be too wide – believe them. I should have. Had to add an elastic to prevent embarrassing experiences…
    The top was a holiday project last summer – I worked on it while sailing in Croatia. It was a wonderful trip and I think of it whenever I wear this top.

Fröhlichen FO-Friday zusammen!

Heute nur eine ganz kurze Meldung – ich nutze meine Kaffeepause zum Schreiben und gehe gleich nach der Arbeit Fussball gucken. Schlaaand… und so. 

  • Projekt: Justina (Rock von Norah Gaughan) und ein namenloses Top von Drops Design.
  • Anmerkungen: Vielleicht hätte ich nachdenken sollen, bevor ich einen Rock stricke, der zum Großtiel aus Löchern besteht… jetzt muss ich immer einen weiteren Rock drunter tragen. Irgendwann werde ich wohl nochmal einen Unterrock dazu nähen, bis dahin: Immer schön schichten!
    Außerdem, merke: Wenn alle schreiben, dass das Bündchen an der Taille zu weit wird, glaub es einfach. Ich musste ein Gummiband einziehen, um peinliche Situationen zu vermeiden…
    Das Top habe ich im Urlaub letztes Jahr gestrickt. Segeln in Kroatien – es wahr wunderschön dort und ich denke immer daran, wenn ich das Teilchen trage.  

10 thoughts on “FO Friday #3 – Justina

  1. I like that sort of skirt. Graphic and interesting. Also, it’s not a sweater or other sort of top. Don’t get me wrong, I love knitting tops, but sometimes i feel like the my lower body is completely left out when it comes to my projects. I have a linen skirt called Sasha I’ve been meaning to knit for a few months. The instructions are not the clearest, so I set it aside until I could visit my Mom and ask for guidance.

    You could also go with a pair of little nude shorts underneath. I have a dislike of slips, unless what I’m wearing would cling to cotton in a bad way.

    • Is it the layered skirt by Louet? I’ve seen that but wasn’t sure enough if I’d like it to download… If it is, I’ll be following your progress on that one quite closely (if you fill us in, of course) to see how it turns out.
      A definite no to the shorts – I’ve tried with leggings and to my eyes it simply looks unfinished. But thanks for the input anyways!

      • It is the lacy layered skirt. Bad news is yoiu can’t download it. You have to mail order the pattern from Louet. Seems so antiquated these days.

    • I already did – several ones I tried out and really liked. You can find these three on Ravelry under their names.
      Carnaby skirt (Knitty, Deep Fall 2010)
      Yoked Skirt with Pockets
      All knit with a tight gauge and absolutely wearable without a ‘safety-skirt’ underneath. Let me know if you decide to make one of them!

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