Do you accept stash?

Ok, I know I wrote something about rounding up and organizing my creeping stash sometime this week. As happens so often in my life though, I completely underestimated the time it would take me to get things done, while overestimating the free time available.

Not only didn’t  I manage to find all the odd skeins, balls, bags and boxes hiding in the corners, there are also no fotos or any progress at all to report. So I’ll just have to put it of to sometime next week. I hope. Seriously.

Maybe I should let you work instead to get some inspiration… How do you keep your stash organized? Do you have a system? Sort it by brand, fibre content, color or weight? Do you have a card index or even database telling you which yarn to find where? Or do you just dive in and root around your boxes and bags until you’ve found the right thing?

Ich fürchte, ich hatte letzten Montag verkündet, diese Woche würde ich meinen überall verteilten Garnvorrat zusammentreiben und sortieren. Wie es jedoch gelegentlich (nicht etwa ständig) vorkommt, habe ich die benötigte Zeit über- und die vorhandene freie Zeit überschätzt. 

Mit anderen Worten – ich habe es nicht geschafft, auch nur damit anzufangen und muss es auf nächste Woche verschieben. Wirklich. Nächste Woche.

Bis dahin dachte ich, kann ich mich von euren Tipps inspirieren lassen (und vielleicht findet ja auch noch der eine oder die andere sonst einige Anregungen…).  Wie haltet ihr euren Garnvorrat in Ordnung? Habt ihr ein System? Sortiert ihr nach Farbe, Marke, Material oder Garnstärke? Vielleicht sogar mit Kartei oder Datenbank um den Überblick zu behalten? Oder wühlt ihr euch einfach durch die diversen Kisten und Beutel bis ihr das passende gefunden habt?


6 thoughts on “Do you accept stash?

  1. Thanks to all you organized people for sharing your ideas so far. I’ll be turning it all around in my head for a while to find the perfect system, taking into account my inherent sloppiness, humongous stash and tiny living-space.
    All further comments and suggestions by kind and more ‘sorted’ souls are very welcome. 🙂

  2. At the moment mine’s just stuffed into boxes and crammed in our office closet. Sadly, the door to the office closet is frequently blocked by things from hubby’s various hobbies, and the closet also contains my teacher stuff in the summers. It’s a real pain to stash dive any time I actually want to use some up. Once we move I’m hoping to have the space to actually organize it though. I always say I’m going to get one of those over-the-door shoe organizers and sort it by weight and color. We’ll see if that actually ever happens.

  3. Do people really organize their stash with index cards? Lord. I am just so pleased when mine doesn’t fall off the shelf or off the top of the bureau when I walk by. Wow. I’m really behind….I thought that getting into a bag was “getting organized”. I’m going to have to rethink this!

    • That’s been my approach so far. But lately I’ve found myself wandering through the appartement, looking for some skein or box I knew must be somewhere… costing me a lot of time and nerves and sometimes not leading to success, too.
      More organizing seems to be the only solution. *sigh*

  4. At the moment I have my stash sorted into three large collections:
    – sock weight and finer (one big plastic box living under the green easy chair in the living room)
    – sport weight and heavier (another big plastic box living next to the the green easy chair because it will not fit anywhere else)
    – and a large canvas bag of scrap yarn, double bagged to prevent the intrusion of cat hair, stuffed underneath one of the side tables.

    All of these storage containers are currently over capacity and may explode at any moment.

  5. I organize my stash by weight in big plastic bins. I take pictures and keep everything in the Ravelry stash database. In the database I note which bin the yarn is in, that way when I want to find something, I only have one bin to sift through instead of many…

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