FO Friday #4 – Stealth knitting and a skirt (again)

Happy FO-Friday everyone!

It’ll be a quick and dirty one today… 🙂

Reason 1: The new FO’s are stealth projects I can’t post any nice fotos of.
Reason 2: I’m crazy busy at the moment and have only a little time before I have to get going, or I’ll be late for work. Wouldn’t be wise…

So, the new FO’s are the sample knits for the Hitchcock book. I just have to get a few buttons and then they’re ready to be shipped over to the US. Woot!
Pictures… well, just a sneak peek:

Stockinette in grey…

… and in red. Fascinating!

And just to have something to show, another older FO I finished sometime last fall. It’s another skirt (I love knitted skirts) that I particularly like because it’s wearable without a slip or other cover underneath in summer, but also looks good over thick tights or leggings in winter.

Carnaby Skirt

  • Project: The Road to Carnaby
  • Pattern: Carnaby skirt by Nikol Lohr
  • Yarn: ONline Linie 216 Catana
  • Needles: US #7 / 4.5 mm
  • Notes: Skirt is knitted flat from side to side. Shaping is done using short-rows. If you want to learn how to do them this is a great pattern – there’s a foto-tutorial included. I modified it slightly by adding a wider waistband. I also did sew most of the edges together and added the buttons there just for decoration, because I didn’t feel comfotable with a skirt that was only held together by a few buttons. Embarrassing moments just waiting to happen!

Now it’s off to work for me. Have a nice day!

Couldn’t resist…
Yellow clematis flower – for a while I thought the last frost of winter killed them, too. As you can see, it did not and I am sooo happy I gave the clematis another chance instead of throwing it out in spring.

Fröhlichen FO-Friday zusammen!

Leider reicht es heute zeitlich nur für einen ganz kurzen Beitrag – und auch nicht mehr wirklich für die Übersetzung. Zweisprachig bloggen kostet erstaunlicherweise mehr Zeit, wer hätte das gedacht.

Fertig geworden bin ich diese Woche mit den Samples für das Hitchcock Buch. Fehlen nur noch ein paar Knöpfe, dann gehen sie auf die Reise in die USA. Yeehaw!

Der Carnaby-Rock ist dagegen schon letzten Herbst fertig geworden, aber ich hatte noch kein Foto hochgeladen… Tolles Projekt, wenn ihr anfangen wollt, mit verkürzten Reihen zu arbeiten. Im Strickmuster ist ein Foto-Tutorial enthalten, das alles wunderbar erklärt!

Habt einen schönen Tag!


6 thoughts on “FO Friday #4 – Stealth knitting and a skirt (again)

  1. I love the carnaby – it is just so beautiful!! How is it holding up? I’m concerned that a knitted skirt may stretch out of shape over time.. Did you line yours?

    • So far I’ve had no trouble with stretching. I’ve used a very light cotton yarn and no lining. It probably helps, that the skirt is knitted sideways – way less stretching to be expected anyway. To be extra sure I don’t lose it suddenly due to widthwise stretch I also added a 15 row waistband in the skirt’s box pattern..

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