In the Loop – Waiting for things to happen

Hey everyone!

It’s monday already and I don’t care. The one good thing about working weekends is that you don’t dread mondays…
What’s going to happen this week? Doesn’t depend on me for once… I’m waiting for things to happen and will act accordingly. What I’m waiting for?

  1. Yarn support.
    I don’t really expect it to arrive this week. Or next week. But it would be nice, I’d like to get going on my Seditious Stocking design for Subversive Socks. I’ll be getting some purple/fuchsia sock-yarn from Zitron, dyed by Michaela from Wollfaktor (she blogs in German, but you can also look at her shop here). I love getting new yarn, even more when I don’t know exactly what I’ll be getting. It’s like Christmas!
  2. Pattern editing.
    The pattern for the Hitchcock project was due 2 weeks ago – so there might be a request for corrections and/or clarifications from the editor. Or maybe not. Maybe it’s perfect… noooo, I don’t think so.
  3. Submissions
    I’ve got 2 submissions out at the moment that should have been answered several weeks ago. Still waiting on those, especially the one for Shibui yarns. I really liked that design and hope they will pick it for the Spring collection. Wish me luck!

Blogwise I’ll try to manage a few more posts this week than last. I finally got my stash sorted out (and didn’t forget I promised before and after fotos) and I’d still like to share the fabulous yarn with you that I received as yarn support for my Hitchcock pattern.

I hope you had a nice weekend and wish you all a great week!


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