In the Loop – Summertime

Aaaand… it’s monday again. It’s looking to be a sunny, summery week in Münster (what the U.S. and southern Europe had too much of, we’ve been lacking in warmth and sun). So what will I be up to (except for working and drinking coffee/wine on the balcony) this week?

Knitwise I’ll finally have something to show again on WIP-Wednesday. Yes, I’m indulging in some selfish knitting and stocking up my fall wardrobe. And it feels good… There’s more „work-knitting“ too, but I needed a break from that.

Tomorrow I’ll point you to a few online stitch dictionaries and tutorial sites that are my „go-to’s“ when I’m in doubt about a technique or need pattern inspirations. And if I’m really good about blog-writing, I’ll try to post a little something about summertime-knits befitting the season… but I don’t make any promises (even I DO LEARN sometimes).

The sun is calling to me – I’ll be outside now. Have a good week, whatever the weather!


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