Look what I found! – Conquer your yarn stash

Source: Twist Collective (click to go to the article)

Does this seem familiar to you? I sure as hell recognized my own stash in that…

Recently I’ve tried (again, sigh) to sort through my stash, that had started to accumulate on every level surface in the appartement, and get it to fit into the free space inside the cupboard. Any attempts at organizing soon had to give way to the simple necessity to make use of every available square inch (this is why I decided not to write an instructive stash-organizing blog post after all – there simply wasn’t anything instructive about “cram as much sock weight yarn as possible into the box and wedge it in the corner”).

This stash-post by the twist collective’s Problem Ladies isn’t about organizing, too. But it has three basic rules you can follow to keep your stash from getting completely out of hand and, more important, from acquiring yarn you’ll probably never use that will sit in there forever and accumulate a solid coating of dust over the years:

  1. Keep away from that single skein of luxury yarn.
  2. Find your “staple yarns” – those you’re always drawn to when thinking about casting on a new project.
  3. Don’t hoard large quantities of yarn because it’s discontinued.

You should read the whole article – it’s funny and well written and might, just once in a while, keep you from buying something you won’t use, saving your money for the yarn you’ll actually be happy to knit with.

Do you have any yarnie skeletons in you closet? How many single skeins languish forgotten in boxes, waiting to be used? How do you decide which yarn to buy? Pure impulse or do you have a (cunning) plan?

Kommt euch das bekannt vor? Ich zumindest habe meinen eigenen Stash sofort wiedererkannt…

Vor kurzem habe ich (mal wieder) versucht, mich durch die gesammelten Garnberge zu wühlen, die sich inzwischen auf jeder waagerechten Oberfläche breit gemacht hatten. Eigentlich wollte ich einen informativen Beitrag zum Ordnen und Sortieren von Strickwolle schreiben, aber da der Platzmangel schnell sämtliches Sortieren beendet hat und ich nur noch versucht habe, jede Ecke auszunutzen, ist daraus nichts geworden. (“Stopfe soviel Sockenwolle wie möglich in einen Karton und quetsche ihn an der Seite mit rein” ist nicht besonders lehrreich, oder?)

Dieser Beitrag von den “Problem Ladies” vom twist collective befasst sich auch nicht mit dem Organisiern – aber die Damen haben ein paar Grundregeln, die im Laufe der Zeit dafür sorgen, dass man in seinem Stash nur Garn hat, das dann auch verstrickt wird und nicht über Jahre eine dicke Staubschicht ansammelt.

Der Artikel lohnt sich, ist witzig geschrieben und hält einen vielleicht das ein oder andere Mal von einem ärgerlichen Fehlkauf ab, so dass man das Geld dann lieber für ein passendes Garn ausgeben kann.

Und, habt ihr irgendwelche wolligen Leichen im Keller? Wie viele einzelne Stränge vegetieren in einer vergessenen Ecke und warten darauf, benutzt zu werden? Wie entscheidet ihr, welches Garn ihr kauft? Reines Bauchgefühl oder habt ihr einen (finsteren) Plan?


10 thoughts on “Look what I found! – Conquer your yarn stash

  1. I constantly get sucked into the one skein of luxury fiber or hand-dyed. Because I don’t really like to wear shawls and am inexplicably picky about hand-knit socks, they really do just sit forever. They do come out for ogling occasionally though!

    • reWOLL is right. Maybe using them for gifts would be a good idea. Speaking of which, I have some yarn (referenced above) that I bet would work well for mitts or something else like that.

  2. I’ve got yarn in all of those categories. Sigh.

    I’ve got a few skeins of really old and horrible acrylic yarn from my early knitting days. I hold onto it because it’s good to keep your enemies close. And also because I’ve been unsuccessful in pawning it off on anyone else. Somehow it feels disloyal to throw it away or consign it to a donation box: after all, I loved it once.

    On my last trip to visit my family, I visited their glorious LYS and came home with:
    – One skein of very pretty yarn that is really not enough to knit anything with. It’s fun to pet, though, which I do quite often.
    – One skein of not very pretty, rust colored yarn that was, nevertheless, the only yarn left in the store made by a Swan’s Island, a yarn company I love. For some reason I didn’t think anyone else would love it properly. And it was all alone in that store. The other yarns on the shelf next to it were all greeny-blue and snobby. So I took it home.

    • Well, at least you’ve got very noble and good reasons for your yarnie vices. Mine are mostly stupidity.
      I don’t now how many single skeins I’ve got left from my hand-dying phase… Why dye enough to actually knit a practical garment if you can dye single skeins in widely different colorways? Stupid me.

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