Thank you, Yarnies! – Part 1

While working on the finishing touches for the next sample garment I’ve been again thinking how great a support I’ve been getting with the yarns from the German yarnies. I’m working with American publishers that don’t have many contacts over here and were hoping for me to find some yarn support over here instead of having it shipped over the Atlantic, and I’ve been incredibly lucky in finding a few wonderful people who were willing to work with me on those projects.

Today I’d like to give them a big “THANK YOU!” – and to show you what incredible support I’ve been getting for my contribution to the “Hitch” book project. For this design I’ve actually been knitting two samples – one for each variant of the pattern.

The first one to put up with my rambling descriptions of yarn coloration has been Sabine from Wollfarm. She’s selling commercial yarns as well as a huge range of hand dyed sock-yarns in her shop on Dawanda and was willing to create two colorways for the book: An almost solid, steely grey for the main part and a glowing, reddish pink for the accents. They work incredibly well together and the end result is quite ladylike and dainty.

For the second variant I was aiming for a more “dangerous” look – think vamp instead of lady. I’ve been emailing back and forth with the folks over at Drachenwolle about this: Colorways, combinations and, most important, choice of yarn. They’ve got a big range of bases for their dyes – from 100% merino to bamboo and silk combinations in various weights. They recommended the merino, but the silk and bamboo luxury did sound quite alluring to me. I finally decided to leave the decision to them – as well as the decision between to shades of red (because they know their yarn better and can see them in the flesh, without a pesky monitor distorting the colors) – and what did they do? They sent me both yarn qualities and both colors so I could make the choice myself! Look at that:

I’ve decided on a burgundy red (my pesky monitor and camera have teamed up to make it impossible to show the correct color) and a brilliant black in 100% merino. They were – of course – right about the yarn quality. It is so incredibly soft and squishy and feels like velveteen once knitted up. I’ve had a hard time to let the gloves go, I wanted to keep petting them! 🙂

If you’re planning to order some yarn in the future (especially you, knitters in the EU!), pay a visit to those shops – they are definitely worth a look.


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2 thoughts on “Thank you, Yarnies! – Part 1

    • Thanks for the good wishes. Those posts on yarn support were very insightful – especially to see the yarnie’s perspective on this. Thanks to all of you for taking the time to write in-depth about it.

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