Look what I found! – Yarnbombing Zaragoza

Hey knitters out there, look what I found!

Today I just want to direct your attention to this great blog about yarnbombing. Today they have a post about a huge yarnbombing at Zaragoza, Spain. And it’s even been government funded! A first step of having yarnbombings recognized as art?


This is # 8 Liberty Street in the old quarter of Zaragoza  , Spain – yarnbombed on Thursday Sept 13 by 100 woman .
3 great Things About This

1 . This yarnbombing was one of 10 interventions done all over Zaragoza through ”  The Assault Festival of Street Art ” .  This was done with the cooperation of the city of Zaragoza who contributed 45,000 euros .

Funding ! Cooperation !  Recognition of yarnbombing as legitimate street art !  All very new and exciting.

2 . This is a huge yarnbombing . There are more than a thousand 20 x 20 squares. The wall of knitting and crocheting is 50 square meters. 1oo woman knit for almost 6 months to make this .

It was made only by woman .

There a re a number of  ” Urban Knitting   ” guerrilla yarnbombing groups in Spain in the cities of…

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One thought on “Look what I found! – Yarnbombing Zaragoza

  1. I’ve heard of a few municipalities getting behind yarnbombing as public art. Which I could remember the references. A nice idea. Plus it avoids the art being seen as litter. Loses the whole, guerrilla appeal, though.

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