Hey, I’m still alive…

Well… errr… to everyone who still might faithfully be checking in here from time to time: „Welcome back!“ And „Hello!“ to any new reader who stumbles in here…

I’ve been a very bad blogger since september and have let this slip quietly into a coma (you know, showing barely a sign of life but not quite dead)… it’s been terribly busy on the one hand, giving me not much time to write, make fotos and think about new topics. On the other hand it’s been very boring – not much going on knitwise (which is bad for a knitting blog).

New year traditionally is the time to have lots of good intentions you traditionally loose about three weeks later… so I’m breaking with tradition by

  1. having my intentions not on New Years Eve but two weeks later.
  2. not having good intentions at all, but rather having bad intentions and telling everyone about it. 😉

I’m not a very organized person. Still I’ve tried having regular features and posting at least 4 times a week. It obviously didn’t work out. So I’ll be done with that. I’ll post, whenever something postworthy (is that a word?) happens. Or if I have a great idea. Or too much spare time on my hand (haha). Or if I find something great out there on the internet I really want to share with everyone.

The second of my bad intentions is this: I started this bilingual (English so that more people might understand me, German because that’s my mothertongue and it’s nice for German knitters who don’t speak English very well). But this takes up a lot more time than I thought. I can write texts in English fairly well (native speakers may want to disagree here…), but writing in German and translating to English always results in … well… a mess. This means I basically had to completely rewrite each post in the second language.

This simply takes up too much time, and since I mostly write my patterns in English and have (or had) much more international readers, I’ll have to say sorry to the German speakers: „Entschuldigt bitte, aber ich schaff’s leider nicht mehr zweisprachig… und dann geht Englisch leider vor. Ich hoffe, es geht auch so.“

Well then, that’s that.

I’ll be around a little more often from now on, it will just be a bit… unpredictable. But I’ll be answering emails or comments as quickly as I can.

For now I wish you all a happy New Year – may you yarn be soft and comfy, may your needles never break and your gauge always be correct.  🙂


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