It’s like Christmas…

Look what’s been waiting for me when I came home today:

Oooohh, something in the mail…


A parcel. From the US. Containing, most possibly, yarn.

It was all I could do to keep myself from dropping my groceries and looking inside that very instance. Not that it was a big surprise – in fact, I’ve been waiting for this envelope for a while. Only yesterday my neighbour from the floor below came over with a parcel that had been left with her. I almost snatched it out of her hands and tore it open there and then.

Good thing I didn’t – she had rung the wrong bell and the parcel was for the neighbour next door. 🙂

I was a good girl today and put away the milk first and even fed the two insistently protesting cats. Then I looked inside… yes!

Parcel opened


Exactly what I’d been hoping for. It’s the yarn support from Allyson over at Holla Knits – one of my designs will be in her next Spring collection. So exciting! I knew what colors to expect, but it’s always different to see them ‘in person’. Also I haven’t used those yarns before, so I could hardly wait to get my hands on it to feel the texture. (Is it weird, having the urge to fondle bits of string?)

Thanks Allyson! I definitely will have fun with it…


And that’s all of it. Five balls of soft and squishy KnitPicks Comfy Sport in Pomegranate (which looks much better than this picture can show – I’m still getting to know my new camera) and eight balls of CotLin in Surf, which is a glorious teal blue. I love how the colors go together!

I can’t wait to get swatching. Er, excuse me, gotta go… you know… somewhere… *tries to hide a pair of knitting needles behind her back and sidles toward the yarn heap*


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