Photo a Day – January 22: Corner

Since I’m trying to get to know my new camera better (and also get better at using my editing software) I decided to join a Photo a Day challenge.

I really liked the list of themes I found at FMS, so that’s where I’ll be getting my inspiration instead of the WordPress Photo a Day.

Now, don’t roll your eyes, because this is supposed to be a knitting blog and what the eff am I thinking of putting any old photographs up here. One: You’ll benefit from it – better photography skills for me means better knitting pictures for you. Two: I’ll title each photo post with Photo a Day – you’ll be warned and can just skip it.  Also I’ll probably not manage to put up a picture EVERY day – no worries there.


Today’s prompt was corner. Leading to people staring at me while I was pointing my camera up unassuming buildings into the leaden winter sky.  This one was a little tricky because of the dark foreground and the diffuse but bright sky, but after going to work with the gradation curves I liked the result. Corners everywhere.

Tomorrow I’ll post an update on my Holla Knits design for the WIP-Wednesday. If I manage to get another challenge picture, that will get a different post.


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