WIP Wednesday 128 – Nachtfalter Sneak Peek

Happy WIP-Wednesday everyone!

Finally I’ve got a WIP on my needles I’m actually allowed to show off. Well, at least partially… all I may do today is tempt you with a few close-ups and partial glimpses.

If you’re a regular reader you already know this: My current WIP is the sample I’m knitting for Holla Knits‘ 2013 Spring Collection. I’m still very excited to be part of that (and have bragged about it before) and can’t wait until the issue goes live. Alas, that’s going to be a few months from now… if I got you hooked, send me a mail here or over at Ravelry and I’ll make sure to inform you when the collection gets out.

“Enough yapping,” you’ll say, “get to the good part!”. Ok, ok. Here are the pictures.

Picture of ribbing.

First, there’s cables. Baby cables. Lots of them…

Ok, I overwhelmed the camera a little with that much red, that close and with less than ideal lighting. Here’s another picture (that one’s a little dark…).

Then there's lace. In blue. Or teal? Well, KnitPicks calls it Surf and it's a fantastic summer color.

Then there’s lace. In blue. Or teal? Well, KnitPicks calls it Surf and it’s a fantastic summer color.

The yarns I’m using are KnitPicks Comfy Sport in Burgundy and CotLin in Surf. I totally fell in love with the CotLin. I’d never used it before, but it’s definitely on my list of perfect summer yarns now. Even before washing it’s incredibly soft for a linen yarn, doesn’t split, doesn’t shed too much and I do like the little bits of flax fiber that are a slightly darker shade of teal.

Lace and garter

Did I mention there’s some garter stitch? Well, there is. Just to let you relax a little from rigorous lace knitting exercises.

If you want to see more WIP’s or share your own, head over to Tami’s Amis and take a look. See you there!


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