May the baby-knitting commence!

As of Friday night (or Saturday morning – whatever you prefer) I’ve got another recipient for tiny, knitted items in the family – yay!

My cousin gave us quite the surprise (the baby wasn’t due until mid february). Or rather, it was her little boy, who insisted on being born even before they could get to the hospital! Both are quite well – and the little one is cute as a button. We visited yesterday and I could have stolen him then and there. You know – the impossibly tiny fingers, the little button-nose, the adorable scrunched up face, the itty-bitty feet… ah, I’m digressing.

His “big” sister is very exited – and probably will be telling the story of how she fetched the kitchen scissors so daddy could cut the umbilical cord even on his once to come wedding day… She’ll need something knitted as well, so as not to feel left out, now that everyone’s excited about the new baby.

Now I only need to choose a pattern. But which? There are so many. And they’re all so cute. Maybe I should try out a few. Or a dozen. That’s the best about tiny people knits: they’re tiny, so you can knit lots of different ones in a really short time. 🙂 Any suggestions, anyone? Favourite baby boy knits? Booties that are practical as well as cute?

Good thing that I’m almost finished with sample-knitting for Holla Knits!


5 thoughts on “May the baby-knitting commence!

  1. I’ve only ever made blankets and booties for babies. My sis-in-law loved the blanket I made for her son and has requested I make 2 more (which I’m currently working on) for her twins due in July. She loved how useful the blanket is and my nephew is now past 1 year and still using the blanket. If you have the time (or knit super fast), I suppose a blanket isn’t a bad idea.

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  3. There’s just something about babyknits – the finished objects are so cute, and the recipients look even cuter wearing them. Plus, babyknits are finished so quickly, there’s some serious instant gratification there.

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