WIP Wednesday 129 – Knomish Knits

Happy WIP Wednesday everyone!

As I wrote on Monday – I’ve got some baby-knitting to do!

And I’ve been dithering between a plethora of cute, adorable, funny knitting patterns since then. (Did I just use ‘dither’ and ‘plethora’ in one sentence? I believe I did…)

I want to knit them all! Finally, late yesterday evening, I narrowed things down a little.

"Alladin" by DROPS Design (BabyDrops 21-34)

“Alladin” by DROPS Design (BabyDrops 21-34)

It will quite probably be all DROPS patterns. I really like their style of baby-patterns and found myself drifting back to them.

When browsing the Ravelry database I ended up with 90% DROPS patterns without even looking at the source beforehand. Seems like a sign.

I wanted to start immediately, so I went through my selections and went for the one pattern I had suitable yarn in my stash for (yup, the little cute guy to the right).

Isn’t this adorable? He’ll look like a little garden gnome. I did the cast on and the first two rows right then and continued this morning during my sacred morning tea hour.

That’s how far I’ve come:

Simon's Cap in apple green soft cotton yarn.

Simon’s Cap in apple green soft cotton yarn.

Can’t wait til coffee-break, then it’ll grow another few rows.  It’ll go quickly. now that there’s decreasing every other row.  But what to knit next? I’ll maybe have to get some input from all of you later this week before I start ordering yarn…

In the meantime, why don’t you head over to Tami’s Amis and take a look at other WIP’s and maybe share your own? See you there!


6 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday 129 – Knomish Knits

  1. Great hat/bonnet!! Excellent for keeping baby’s head nice and warm. It’s going to look great in that colour.

  2. That is a gosh darned cute hat! and a lovely colour. I’m a big fan of DROPS too – I love their range and their generosity in making the patterns available for free.

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