FO Friday 123 – Am I obsessed?

Happy FO-Friday everyone!

As of last weekend (some of you may get bored of this news by now…) I’m again a proud… aunt? Older cousin? (I believe the correct term would be first cousin once removed, but that’s quite a mouthful.)

Ok, let’s forget about degrees of kinship and move on to knitting. Because that’s what I’ve been doing almost constantly. How could I pass an opportunity to produce tiny, adorable pieces of knitting?

By now I’ve finished two hats and am contemplating the DROPS designs for what to knit next while knitting away on a pair of tiny tube socks in the yarn left over from the first hat. (Never mind that I have pattern grading to do… Allyson, do you really need the finished version this month?) Am I maybe a teensy little bit obsessed with this? Is it normal or do I need to join BKA (Baby Knitters Anonymus)?

For now they’re modelled by this charming wad of scrunched up paper (no, I did NOT try to draw a face on it, then thought it looked creepy and turned it around – why would you think that?) but I hope I’ll soon be able to post a few pictures of little Simon with his new goodies…

Pixie style bonnet  - isn't it the cutest?

Pixie style bonnet – isn’t it the cutest?

Number 1: Alladin bonnet (Drops Design b21-34) knitted in apple green OnLine Catana. It’s a very soft, organic, pure cotton and a pleasure to knit with. I think it’s either discontinued or has a different name by now.

Pumpkin Head

Number 2: Pumpkin head. I didn’t use a pattern for this, just cast on in an orange mystery yarn (I think it’s a merino/cashmere blend) I had a little bit left of in my stash and ended with a short i-cord in green. For the leaf I used hinke’s “Just a leaf” pattern.

What about you? Have you a finished object or two (or three) to share? What are your favourite baby knits? I’d love to hear about it… Or just head over to Tami’s Amis (click the pic) and join the rest of the FO-friday crowd.


18 thoughts on “FO Friday 123 – Am I obsessed?

  1. they are so cute! baby knits must be addicting. they’re quick and don’t require too much yarn.. too bad I don’t have babies around me 😀

  2. Thanks everyone for commenting… the green bonnet is my favourite, too. It’s a great pattern and I’m actually thinking of grading it upwards and make one for myself. Or maybe not. It might look silly.

  3. I think it is perfectly normal to become obsessed with baby knits for a cherished little one. I will be joining you in BKA (Baby Knitters Anonymous) rather shortly because the month of February and a good part of March knitting will be for my future nephew. My sister’s baby shower is going to t be the first week in April so I want to see how much I can get done before then. 😉

  4. Aww….the hats are too cute! Baby projects are so rewarding – quick & adorable knitting. I totally understand why you can’t just stop…. 🙂

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