WIP Wednesday 130 – Number Crunching

Happy WIP-Wednesday everyone!

My current WIP isn’t a WIP per se – I’m done knitting. So, what’s it doing in here, you ask. Where’s the P in the WIP?

Well, maybe it’s more of a WOP – Working out Pattern…

It’s number crunching time! (Did I ever mention that I really, really suck at maths?)

Something's missing... oh yeah, cookies!

Something’s missing… oh yeah, cookies!

For grading patterns I use an odd combination of

  • Spreadsheet tables
  • Pen and Paper calculations (the incredibly useful expanded magic formula from Shirley Paden’s book, anyone?)
  • Pocket calculator (because I don’t trust my own calculations)
  • Loads of unreadable notes
  • Mugs and mugs (and more mugs) of coffee or tea, depending on time of day
  • Cookies, chocolate and music!

I’m almost done now (you hear that, Allyson?) and only have to calculate yarn amounts and do all the conversions from centimeters to inches. And then off it all goes to join the ever-growing pile of finished samples of spring and summer knitting accumulating in the Holla Knits! studio. I hope. When sending off a finished sample to the US I’m always a little worried that it might never arrive. Or be held up in customs until the cows come home. You hear so many horror stories about that in the designer forum. But I’ve been lucky so far, so let’s hope the very best.

If you want to see a few “real” WIP’s or share your own, head over to Tami’s Amis and take a look. See you there!


3 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday 130 – Number Crunching

  1. Funny! I just blogged about my own number crunching issues. 🙂 Thank goodness for calculatores and spreadsheets! Our process is so much easier than it must have been in days gone by.

    • Well, looking at vintage patterns I actually don’t think so. They just didn’t give different sizes (or accurate measurements, sometimes) and just assumed that every knitter should be able to figure out the complicated bits on her own… 🙂

      • Yes, they did assume a certain level of knowledge. Like those old recipes…. “cook the chicken in the usual way” …?????

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