FO Friday 124 – More Baby Knits

Happy FO-Friday everyone!

I’m still busily knitting tiny little baby things whenever I’m not in the mood for sample, swatch or otherwise “work related” knitting.

Another Drops Design pattern has fairly flown off my needles during the past week. (I needed a lot of distraction knitting.)

Here’s the little vest to go with the green pixie hat. I’ve been using up the remainder of the green cotton yarn, plus some white cotton/acrylic blend and the few yards of teal CotLin left over from my Holla Knits sample.

Froggy vest. Drops Design: b19-20

Froggy vest.
Drops Design: b19-20 (free pattern)

Will you believe me if I tell you I “lost” the pixie hat? I know it’s got to be somewhere, but where the heck did I put it? It’ll probably be 2 sizes too small when (if) I finally discover the completely logical and obvious place I stored it in.

What about you? Have you a finished object or two (or three) to share? Just head over to Tami’s Amis (click the pic) and join the rest of the FO-Friday crowd.


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