Like a Cat that got the Cream…

Cat got the cream

“Honestly, I’ve no idea who ate the cream cheese. Why do you always blame me?!?”

On a completely different note: Allyson at Holla Knits has been busy knitting her own sample of my Nachtfalter pattern and shared a few tantalizing glimpses in her blog. It’s so very, very green – it makes me long for spring even more, now that the winter has made a spectacular comeback* during the last days.

* These comebacks are rare, but apparently not unheard of. I’ve learned that there’s actually a German word for this (we seem to have a word for everything): “Märzwinter”. Which means, conveniently “Winter in March”. Duh!


10 thoughts on “Like a Cat that got the Cream…

    • I just hope he’s got a better character. 🙂
      Don’t get me wrong, I love my little monster and she kinda likes me back, but she can be really nasty and likes to beat up the other cat and the occasional visitor.

      • Miles is a bit aggressive but he’s also got some “litterbox” problems we’re looking into and we’re hoping the aggression goes away more when he gets better. He can be very sweet and cuddly though, most of the time.

    • Hmmmm… somehow I wish there hadn’t been any reason to learn about this. I could’ve lived happily ever after without experiencing a Märzwinter. Ever.
      Oh, look, it just started to snow again… I’ll go and refill my hot water bottle now.

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