How to write a “How to”?

In January I wrote a little bit about how much I’ve learned over the last year regarding the process of submitting proposals to publishers/magazines/yarn companies. I’ve been thinking this over for a while now because I’d like to share what I’ve learned – mostly by making mistakes and seeing it done better – with other new (and hopefully coming) designers.

I wouldn’t even have had the courage to try and submit a design without the invaluable advice and examples of submissions posted by generous successful designers on the Ravelry designer’s board. Even while I was pondering how to best go about this experience sharing myself, another discussion about „How to submit“ popped up there – and I found another designer who’d apparently been thinking in the same tracks, just a bit more productive than me.

Jennifer runs Tinking Turtle Designs and has come up with the idea of doing a debriefing or „Post Mortem“ of successful submissions after the designs are published (check out her explanation of the rather gruesome moniker…), making a list of: things done well, things that could have gone better and things that will have to be changed in the future.

She’s kindly agreed to let me hop onto that train and use her idea for my blog. Which I’m going to do for the Marching Band Gloves this weekend. And hopefully for a loooooot of other very successful submissions in the future. 🙂

And finally, I just need to complain about the weather a little more and use this to sneak in another cat-picture. Honestly, I didn’t expect the first day of official Spring to look like this:

Helge not enjoying this "Spring"

And neither, by the look of him, did he…



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