Spring is coming! Well, at least knitwise…

Just had to show you this!


(c) Allyson Dykhuizen

This is the heap of garments Allyson from Holla Knits has assembled for the Spring Collection. Doesn’t it look tempting? All those Spring colors and the wonderful different textures! And even though I’m quite partial to the blue and red little beauty in the upper right corner (it being my design and all) I can hardly decide which one I’d like to knit first. I can’t wait til it’s finally April!

Also, I’m super impressed that Allyson knitted one sample of each design all on her own. No wonder she’s beginning to feel a tiny little bit stressed. Let’s send some calm over to her and hope all goes well with the rest of the preparations.


2 thoughts on “Spring is coming! Well, at least knitwise…

  1. Close your eyes and imagine a long, lonely stretch of beach. Just you, the white sand, the blue ocean and the wind whispering in the palm leaves… and GET KNITTING!


    I’ll just sit here, quiet like, and prepare to get my freaking socks knocked off on April 15th.

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