Friday Fiber: Knitcircus Yarns Giveaway!

Aaaaand… there’s another giveaway this weekend! Jaala Spiro is spreading some cheer after this less than perfect week and asks everyone to tell what they’re grateful for today. Just to make us remember the good things in life.


ImageIt’s time for some cheer!


With so much rain (and little bits of snow) and so many unsettling events, it’s time for a little fibery uplift.


This weekend, I’ll be hosting a giveaway for any yarn in the Knitcircus Yarns shop; just leave a message with one thing you are grateful for/that makes you happy/act of kindness you have recently done or heard about. Cream colored ponies and crisp apple strudels, paying for the coffee of the customer behind you, the smell of a cherry tomato just picked from the vine, a vibrant turquoise color, a loved one recovering from a concussion, the feeling of waking up on a summer morning with no big plans….please share so that we can all remember the good, kind, beautiful things of life. The winner will also get to pick a yarn for a randomly-chosen knitter on Ravelry who lists Boston as home.



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