Nachtfalter Pattern Support: Hints and Tips for the Honeybee Lace

I LOVE the honeybee lace I used for the Nachtfalter top – but the written instructions can look a little intimidating. They’re so long and there’s all this dropping of yarn overs and this nasty fifth row with all the special instructions. But it actually isn’t that difficult. Trust me.

First, let’s break things down a little: This is actually two lace patterns rolled into one. We start with a column of fagotting (p1, k2, yo, ssk, p1 on RS). You might want to mark this in your printout if you tend to loose your place in the pattern – a neon highlighter will do the trick. After a few rows you’ll probably be able to do this part whithout looking at the pattern (it’s only a two-row-repeat over 5 sts).

Now we’ll look at the honeybee lace itself.

The first 4 rows are pretty straightforward lace knitting – just do exactly what the pattern tells you and you’ll be fine.

Should you run into trouble in row 5, take a peek at the pictures below. I broke the difficult bit down into many teeny, tiny steps which hopefully will make things clear.










And now: Get knitting already and be ready to rock your Nachtfalter!


6 thoughts on “Nachtfalter Pattern Support: Hints and Tips for the Honeybee Lace

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    • It’s really addictive – you just keep on knitting and knitting just to see the next little butterfly emerge…
      I hope you’ll have as much fun as I had knitting this – and give me a shout when there’s pictures to be gawked at. 🙂

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