WIP Wednesday 141 – Ugh in Progress

Happy WIP-Wednesday everyone!

It’s been a while since I last shared a WIP (too much designing, too little knitting I’m afraid).


What I’ve got today is an almost finished pair of socks that I’m not very happy about. I’ll show you, why, in a minute.

I didn’t use a pattern (I can knit a pair of toe-ups for myself by now without even glancing at a sock pattern) and chose a simple stitch pattern (namely a 3×1 garter rib) that made for quick, mindless, on-the-go knitting. I worked happily along in the bus, on the train, in doctor’s waiting rooms and at coffee break. I finished the first sock and started the second. Still happy, even though the yarn is neither very pretty nor a real pleasure to knit with (it’s quite scratchy). Half a sock later my first ball of yarn was finished and I joined the second.


Doesn’t that look different?

Well, maybe it’s because I joined the new yarn just as I started the short row heel.

No. It isn’t. It looks different because this ball of the same yarn, same dye-lot, bought pre-packaged, has a completely different color repeat pattern!

Sock of Doom and Gloom

Sock of Doom and Gloom – whoever manages to spot where I joined the second ball gets extra credits…

Not cool, Zettl Sirmione yarn! I’ll finish this pair and will wear it around the house in lieu of slippers, but this will (again) teach me not to buy bargain basement yarn…

If you want to see more (and prettier) WIPs or share your own success or failure, head over to Tami’s Amis and take a look. See you there!


12 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday 141 – Ugh in Progress

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    • At least it started a lengthy discussion among my friends about how wearing odd socks is, in truth, a rebellion against fate and why even iro-sporting, pierced and tatooed punks and their pet rats are disturbed by people with odd socks.

      It was late.

      • Hah, that’s an interesting bit of insight. I wonder how that works for the population in general. Are people have stronger visceral reactions to bad or mismatched socks, or to tatoos/piercings. Hah.

  3. unfortunately things go wrong sometimes… on the positive side, at least it only happened when making a pair of socks, so no major damage done 🙂 and they’ll still be comfy to walk around at home!

      • I had a similar experience (luckily with just little swatches) of one of the Regia yarns, the one that comes in two alternate colours (mine was white and blue)… it was not really different like in your case, but it went from normal to very thin yarn size, which made it basically unusable. I since have left it all in my stash…

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