WIP Wednesday 142 – In which I’m being over-enthusiastic

Happy WIP-Wednesday (and happy First of May) everyone!

This week I’m indulging in selfish knitting. No presents to make. No samples to knit. No pressing deadlines. Perfect.

So what do I do? Yeah, why not cast on 2 projects at once, while I’m at it? That’s got to be an excellent idea! Hmmm…


Number one is another pair of socks. After the last sockish disaster I definitely needed a successful sock to compensate. Again I’ve been deciding on the pattern “on-the-go” – started with the toe and then decided which stitch pattern to plonk in there.  I’ve chosen a lacy rib pattern, which – alas! – looks much better unstretched than stretched over my giant feet. But at least it’s a solid color yarn, so no ugly surprises there!


Number two is more of a long-term project. There’s been some Drops Lace yarn in heathered purple/violet lurking in my stash for months, while I wasn’t able to decide what to do with it. Shawl? Cardigan? Lacy summer sweater? Ah, choices…

Well, I did decide on a simple v-neck cardigan with tied closure and moderately wide sleeves – should be a perfect summer layering piece. Maybe I’ll finish it in time to wear it for the Me Made May.

DSCN0694Speaking of which – would you like to guess what I did yesterday?


Hand washing 4 cardigans, 2 pairs of leg-warmers, 3 knitted tees and 2 knitted dresses… hopefully now I’ll really make it through the month without falling off the wagon. 🙂

If you want to see more WIP’s or share your own, head over to Tami’s Amis and take a look. See you there!


12 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday 142 – In which I’m being over-enthusiastic

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    • I’ve bought a few skeins of Lace when Drops had their Alpacafest and gave a 20% discount on all alpaca blends. This yarn is soooo soft and smooth! Sometimes I just grab a skein and hold it to my face… 🙂

    • Thanks for the compliment! And I’ve actually got sore forearm muscles from going through this huge pile of laundry – that’ll teach me not to wait that long before I get on with it.

    • This pile of dirty handknits had it coming for a long time now. I’m really bad about delaying to hand wash anything as long as possible. Hence the enormous pile of it…

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