WIP Wednesday 143 – Lace Weight Knitting in the Sun

Happy WIP-Wednesday everyone!

I’m still patiently knitting my way through lots and lots of stockinette stitch in lace weight. Slow going but fun, and there’s still been notable progress this week:

Don't hold your breath - this is going to take a while!

Don’t hold your breath – this is going to take a while! (And yes, there’s photobomb cat sneaking in again…)

I’ve been knitting most of this sitting in the afternoon sun on the balcony, enjoying the spring that finally made an appearance in this part of the world, drinking the first cups of homemade mint tea and watching the cats hunting bugs. Perfect!

Also I finished sock number one and already (!) started the second one – no second sock syndrome here! Also no picture here – but with a little luck I’ll have the finished pair ready for you by Friday (it’s a holiday tomorrow – lots of knitting time!).

As always: If you’ve got your own WIP to share or would like to watch a whole bunch of other WIP’s – head over to Tami’s Amis and share along!

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10 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday 143 – Lace Weight Knitting in the Sun

    • Me too – that’s why I was especially miffed about this dreary, cold and wet spring until recently: No outdoor knitting for little old me…

  1. Cat photo bombs are the best! Love the shade of purple you are using…that is a lot of stocking stitch in lace weight yarn!

    • Good thing they are, ’cause I can hardly take a pic without one or both of them adding a little bit of their furry presence to it… 🙂
      I’ll just take my time with the stockinette and enjoy the feel of the gorgeous yarn.

    • Thanks for stopping by! I think you just described Helge’s nature perfectly: Hilarious (because he really isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer) and adorable (he’s so small and ugly, one must love him)…

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