Me-Made-May ’13 – Days 6 – 12

Time flies – already week 2 of Me-Made-May is over (and I haven’t run out of outfits yet… phew!).

Day 6 – Monday: Summer Knits!

Monday was a gloriously warm day – time to celebrate this with a hand knit sleeveless cotton top with a cute lace patterned yoke and an embroidered cotton skirt I bought second-hand.

Day 6

Worn: 129-36 Top with bell pattern and wing sleeves by Drops Design

Skirt: second-hand


Day 7 – Tuesday:

 Tuesday the weather took a definite turn in the wrong direction… it could have been warmer. And sunnier. And less windy. All in all it felt more like a fall day – so I chose one of my favorite dresses I knit with an unnamed heathered green wool.

Day 7

Worn: 132-1 “Forest Nymph” (pattern by Drops Design)
“Dashing” fingerless gloves (pattern by Cheryl Niamath)

Scarf and blouse: “inherited” from my mother (that goes for quite a few of my things…)


Day 8 – Wednesday: Did I mention I like skirts?

By now you probably guessed that I kind of like knitted skirts. Wednesday was perfect for another of my shorter ones – sunny but windy and not too warm. I combined it with a long sleeved shirt, a short-sleeved cream blouse and fingerless mittens made with chunky cotton yarn. (Also: I love those boots – I could never afford real leather riding boots from a store, so I pounced on them when I found them in a second-hand shop and they actually fitted…)

Day 8

Worn:  Shiroshakar skirt (pattern by Cirilia Rose)
Fingerless Mitts (my own “unvention”, no written pattern available)

Blouse: second-hand
Leather riding boots: second-hand


Day 9 – Thursday: I mean, I really like them…

Does this look familiar? I admit to a fit of laziness that combined with the fact, that I really liked yesterday’s outfit. So I didn’t change a lot – added a little silk bolero, a hand-me-down scarf and chunky leg warmers. The yarn for the bolero used to be “Miss-Piggy-Pink” – I overdyed it with blue to get a soft lavender tone.

Day 9

Worn:  Shiroshakar skirt (pattern by Cirilia Rose)
Bolero with lace pattern (pattern by Drops Design)
Chunky leg warmers (one of my own “unventions”, no written pattern)


Day 10 – Friday: Bad Hair day

Sorry for the crappy picture: I had a bad hair day, little time and no mind for picking a nice outfit – so I just threw on a pair of hideous jeans and a once pretty, but worn out, faded, pilled and creased cardigan…

Day 10

Worn: Cardigan with cable pattern and crochet triangle (pattern by Drops Design)


Day 11 – Saturday: Something needs to be done about that dress…

The green linen dress was another second-hand bargain – but I think I’m not totally happy with it. Maybe I’ll alter it to make a top and skirt, because as it is I feel like a green wall when I wear it. Over the green monstrosity I layered another bolero with wide sleeves. It’s made with really soft and comfy alpaca yarn – something not only I like, but also the moths, as I discovered during the day. Which means: There’ll be a “How to repair moth holes” blog post in the near future. Pesky little things!

Day 11

Worn: Knitted jacket with cables and shawl collar (pattern by Drops Design)

Green linen dress (second-hand)


Day 12 – Sunday: Am I a bohemian, or what…?

I recently acquired (second-hand, do you detect a theme here?) a pair of Chino style pants and am still struggling with how to wear them without feeling foolish. I’ve always found them really bohemian and “model-y” when I saw them on the street… but somehow I feel neither like a model nor a bohemian. We’ll see about that.

Day 12

Worn: Chunky wool leg warmers (my own pattern)
Simple fingerless mitts with lace border (my own pattern, unpublished)
Beaded “Peacock Shawl” by MMario

Chinos: “Lotus” by Container (second-hand)

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One thought on “Me-Made-May ’13 – Days 6 – 12

  1. love the post and the outfits! especially the ‘bohemien’ one… nice to re-use things (read: second hand) and my moral support against the pesky things, that made me smile 🙂

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