Double Lace Rib Socks – Free Pattern

Double Lace Rib socks - remember them?

Double Lace Rib socks – remember them?

Wow, how do I always forget how long it actually takes to take a perfectly simple design (so simple I could work it up without even putting down any notes) and transform it into an actual knitting pattern someone besides me can work from? And why, WHY, did I give in to the compulsion to add another size? Which threw off all the numbers and resulted in much cursing, calculations and coffee consumption…

The point of this rant being: Since I foolishly promised to have the pattern for my quick and simple Double Lace Rib Socks up and running by Monday I had little choice but to stop whining and finish the job. (Can you hear the steely determination in my voice?) I could hardly back out and pretend I meant the Monday after that…

Long story short – I’m done. Finished. The pattern is ready and up for download. Have fun knitting!

PDF download: Double Lace Rib Socks v130513

If you’re interested in more handmade stuff in- and outside the knitting world, head over to Handmade Harbour (click the button in the sidebar –>).

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13 thoughts on “Double Lace Rib Socks – Free Pattern

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  3. I love knitted socks. This pair is so original. I’m the owner of a few beautiful pairs but not as nice as this one.
    Oh I wish I could do some knitting……
    Best wishes

  4. I can see that you had thought long and hard about an appropriate and plausible excuse!! Well done for sticking with it and well done for the lovely pattern. Love the lace effect – right up my street!

  5. Making patterns that other people can follow seems to mean entering a parallel universe where time has some other sort of meaning – it takes forever! I’ve never made a knitting pattern (and pretty certain I never will, being a bit of a non-knitter) but I have made lots of sewing patterns.

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