Ravelry Roundup – 2013 – Week 20

Usually I have a little bit of time to spare on a Saturday and yes, I have to plead guilty, I often spend too much of it browsing through the patterns on Ravelry. I know I’m only making my bad case of castonitis worse, but what can I say… I’m a weak knitter. And, since misery loves company: why not drag you all down with me into the mire of knitting addiction?

In my Ravelry Roundups I’ll share with you a handful of patterns I’ve collected and that

  1. may either be themed or be a collection of last week’s newly published favourites
  2. are available for download (paid or free), not in print publications – that’s because not everyone may be able to get their hands on those
  3. are written in English or have an English translation – because not everyone’s comfortable with knitting from only half understood foreign language patterns.

Those patterns are not tried and tested by me – they’re just what took my fancy this week.

This time it’ll be:

3 in 20!

No theme today, just the three pattern that took my fancy in this 20th week of the year…

Ranganathans Mitts pattern by Sharon Fuller

Ranganathans Mitts pattern by Sharon Fuller

I like those – books and knitting and fingerless mitts, what else do you need?

Curious about the name? Read the story behind it on the Ravelry pattern page…


Mereki Shawl by Ambah O'Brien

Mereki Shawl by Ambah O’Brien

Straight, simple, beautiful: A touch of  lace, a touch of  colorwork – this could be a go to accessory if you choose the right colors.


Eternity Socks by Gabriele Boldt

Eternity Socks by Gabriele Boldt

A new way of doing jogless stripes, some simple brioche elements –  an interesting pair of socks to learn a few new techniques.

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