FO Friday 140 – Chicken Sox

Happy FO-Friday everyone!

Chicken Sox 1

There they are – finally! I’ve finished them last week but didn’t manage to take any pictures until the weekend.

This has been a fun knit: Easy to memorize mesh and cable patterns, quick enough that even the 2nd sock doesn’t get boring and the pattern shows off variegated yarns really good.

Chicken Sox 2

Pattern: Anarcadia by Wollhuhn
Yarn: Nomade by Wollfaktor in colorway “Violetta”
Needles: 2.5 mm double-pointed needles

  • Worked toe-up instead of top-down: Worked easy toe over 12 provisionally cast-on stitches
  • Increased to 52 sts and worked the mesh pattern in reversed direction
  • Worked a short-row heel over 30 sts (more than half, because I have a freakishly high instep)
  • Modified cable pattern because I substantially reduced the number of stitches to make the socks fit my long, narrow feet: p2, RT, p2, k2, p2, RT, LT, p2, k2, p2, LT, p2

Things I’d change: Well, I forgot to use a stretchy bind off on sock #1 and struggle to get the cuff over my heel because of that… but I’m too lazy to pick out the woven ends and redo the bind off, so I’ll have to live with it this time.

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12 thoughts on “FO Friday 140 – Chicken Sox

  1. Very cute! I’ve been wanting to try a toe-up pattern (although I should probably finish my top-down pair first…) and the short length would make them nice and fast!

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