Ravelry Roundup – Free Skirts!

Usually I have a little bit of time to spare during the weekends and yes, I have to plead guilty, I often spend too much of it browsing through the patterns on Ravelry. I know I’m only making my bad case of castonitis worse, but what can I say… I’m a weak knitter. And, since misery loves company: why not drag you all down with me into the mire of knitting addiction?

In my Ravelry Roundups I’ll share with you a handful of patterns I’ve collected and that

  1. may either be themed or be a collection of last week’s newly published favourites
  2. are available for download (paid or free), not in print publications – that’s because not everyone may be able to get their hands on those
  3. are written in English or have an English translation – because not everyone’s comfortable with knitting from only half understood foreign language patterns.

Those patterns are not tried and tested by me – they’re just what took my fancy this week.

This time it’ll be:

Free Skirt Patterns

Regular readers of this blog may already know that I LOVE knitted skirts. I do. Really. I like skirts in general and if I’m allowed to knit them I’m in heaven. To introduce you to the pleasures of skirt-knitting I’ll present my favourite 4 FREE skirt patterns (I’ve another handful of paid patterns as well, most of which I’ve already knit, but this is to break you in lightly):

Sidewinder by Susan Dittrich

Sidewinder by Susan Dittrich

I like the clean lines and the gored A-line style. It may seem a little silly, but all my really favourite knitted skirts are made to imitate the looks of sewing. Fake seams, fake woven fabric, etc. Sidewinder has been published in Knitty 2008 and has been in my queue ever since – so many skirts, so little time!


Day 4

Yoked Skirt with Pockets by Cynthia Parker

This is my version of the skirt – I made it with a wool/silk blend and it’s one of my favourite winter skirts. If you knit it as written it’s a wonderfully mindless TV knit, but you could easily plonk in any sort of texture or colorwork pattern (think bands of fair-isle) or add some cables for interest. Folded hems and elastic waistband are nice features, as well as the pockets. Who doesn’t love a skirt with pockets?


Chelsea skirt

Chelsea Skirt by Cecily Glowik MacDonald

Another one from my must-knit list. Again it’s the imitation of  sewn fabric that’s piqued my interest. This skirt uses a herringbone texture to make the knitted fabric look woven. Another nice detail is the added strip of lace that looks like the edge of a dainty slip peeping out from under the skirt.



Carnaby Skirt by Nikol Lohr

And here we have the A-line and gores again. Man, I am predictable. After I finished this skirt I decided to sew the buttoned edge closed because somehow I didn’t feel comfortable with the thought that my skirt was held together only by a few buttons. That’s an embarrassing moment just waiting to happen. Length and width are easy to customize, so everyone can knit their perfect skirt with this pattern.

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