Debriefing: Nachtfalter


verb (used with object)

  1. to interrogate (a soldier, astronaut, diplomat, etc.) on return from a mission in order to assess the conduct and results of the mission.
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While I’m neither a soldier nor a diplomat (not to mention an astronaut) I feel it might still be useful for both aspiring knitwear designers and myself to take a good look at past (sub)missions – pun intended – and find out what’s been done good and where there’s, ahem, room for improvement.

I’ve borrowed this format from Jennifer at Tinking Turtle Designs, who’s kindly agreed to let me use her idea. You should hop over to her site – not only has she her own  submission briefings to share; you could also check out quite a few very nice crochet and knitting patterns and designer interviews. Also, there’s cats. 🙂

It’s been a while since my last Debriefing post and about time to finally present the proposal I sent to Allyson from Holla Knits for my quite successful Nachtfalter summer top.

Nachtfalter Submission

Things Done Well

  • The new layout is much cleaner and professional looking than before.
  • The swatch is large, shows the main stitch patterns very clearly and also shows how they will look when brought together – you get the idea of how the garment is going to look.
  • My color suggestions. I think it’s a good thing to have them actually depicted instead of just writing “blue and red” and that they’re relating to the Pantone color report for the appropriate season.

Could Have Been Better

  • The layout probably still needs some doing over. It’s better than before, but you can see that I’m no graphic designer…
  • That goes for my sketching skills as well, but at least the sketch shows what’s important for an editor: How’s the garment supposed to fit, where’s the hem, how’s the sleeve construction, where’s the neckline, the general proportions, etc.
  • I totally missed out on describing styling options – Allyson specifically asks for that in her design calls. The swatch must have looked promising enough for her to overlook this.
  • My design outline is not clear enough yet – switching to a bullet point list or a table after the first introductory phrase might be an option.

What Have I Been Thinking?

  • This time there’s nothing really abysmal to whine about. Phew!
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