Hold for a count of ten…

You know, I love knitting. Knitting is fun. I like designing, too.

But with yarn arriving late to the party and the general tendency of deadlines (walk-in

customers, calls, etc.) to cluster quite annoyingly, I’ve been knitting 24/7. And after knitting continuously for 6 hours or more, several days in a row, I’m experiencing some knitting pains. Bugger.

And so I’ve hit the web to find some knitter’s gymnastics. Stretching, limbering, relaxing. Anything will do, as long as it helps.

aerobic 052

Stretch, dammit! (Photo: euskaljakintza)

I’ve narrowed it down to these sites:

I’ll try them out and see what helps. Hopefully I’ll be able to put together my own little series of exercises that work best for me. (Which I will – of course – share with you.)

Do you have some tips for me? Some super special secret exercise that makes your knitting extra fast and extra painless?

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2 thoughts on “Hold for a count of ten…

  1. Oh yeah, I’ve been there. One of the advantages to having multiple projects going at once is that switching between needle sizes regularly helps the motion from getting too completely repetitive. Another weird thing I noticed is that a lot of my other daily activities – particularly kneading dough and lifting free-weights – irritate the same muscles and tendons as knitting, so I have to watch how much I do those when I’m knitting overtime as well.

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