Think, or you’ll tink!

TinkThis is my new motto! I shall print buttons, t-shirts and inspirational posters with it, so I’ll always remember!

Why, you ask? What brought this about?

Well, as I’ve been whining, writing about recently, I’m on a deadline. Several deadlines, in fact. And they are fast approaching.

I’m still waiting on the missing yarn on my most time-consuming project, so I moved on to a design I’m doing for Knit Now issue 29. I had planned short socks, but Kate asked me to consider knee-highs. I considered, I thought no problemo, I said yes.

But of course, knee-high means calves, i.e. shaping, i.e. increases. There goes my all-over lace pattern. I worked out something else and happily knitted away. Until, finally, about halfway up the leg, I had to admit to myself: It’s not working. At. All.

And so I had to rip back. And further back. And finally decided that I’d better make a few adjustments around the foot as well and frogged it completely. If I had taken a little more time to think it through beforehand (and maybe stopped working when my thoughts grew a little fuzzy), I’d have saved myself a lot of trouble. And time. Which I don’t have…

So always keep in mind, young Padawan™: Think, or you’ll tink!*

*TINK – the opposite of KNIT, the process of undoing you knitting stitch by stitch. **
**So yes, technically I haven’t been tinking. But it rhymes!
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