In which I wax sentimental about Reunification

Today is a day where, for the past 15 years, I’ve been thinking back to the days of videotapes, cassette players and dreadful fashion – and one of the happiest days in the history of my country. Because today, the 3rd of October, we celebrate the formal reunification of Eastern and Western Germany in 1990.

But the day I remember is another and will have its anniversary about a month from now – the day the Berlin Wall was open for the first time since 1961, on November 9th, 1989. I wasn’t there, but I remember watching those pictures as a kid (still in elementary school) and understanding, that on this day history was made. I also remember worrying if someone, somewhere was videotaping this (because that’s what you did with things you saw on the telly and needed to watch again, right?).

Now, watching the newscasts and documentaries from that day (thank God, the broadcasting houses did not throw away their recordings 🙂 ) I still get tears in my eyes and I’m filled with pride and admiration for those brave people who brought about this change. Who went out to protest each monday, without any regard of the personal danger, and who managed to overthrow a dictatorial government without firing a single shot, by letting the world and their leaders know: If this is the People’s Republic – well, the People, that’s US, and WE decide our own fates!

If you’re interested, I’ve embedded a couple of videos. If not: I’m sorry to have gotten off topic like this – next posts will be textile-related, I promise… just skip this one.


One thought on “In which I wax sentimental about Reunification

  1. Wonderful, it brings tears to my eyes too. I remember all the news reports when it came down, it was the biggest event in my lifetime, a real inspiration for change. I just visited Berlin 2 weekends ago for the first time. I wanted to see the remains of the wall. Loved the weekend there.

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