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Hitch: Patterns Inspired by the Films of Alfred Hitchcock

Welcome everyone to the latest blogtour stop here at reWOLLuzza!

This is a very, very special occasion for me, so I’d like to celebrate with a special giveaway – we’ll get to that later, you’ll have to read a little, first.

Why is it a special occasion?

Because this book was – for me – the start of everything. I’d been happily knitting for quite a long while, altering designs or designing small pieces for myself and never thinking about publishing any of it. Why would I? And how should I go about it? And anyways, who should be interested in something I designed? Or – the horror! – even be willing to pay money for it?

And then I stumbled across this call for submissions to a book of patterns inspired by Hitchcock. When I read the description, I simply knew I had to try my luck. Stephannie Tallent, who masterminded this piece of awesomeness, had such a great concept: Everything in a range of black, white and grey, with an occasional splash of dramatic red, everything inspired by the aesthetic of the Hitchcock movies.

And I had just the perfect design, already in my head like it had been waiting just for this opportunity. A pair of gloves in red and black, inspired by the “new look” of the early 50’s. So I wrote up the first design proposal ever (it was bad… but I may still share it later in my debriefing series), sent it off and resigned myself to not hearing anything about it ever again.

Rio Gloves in Drachenwolle Merino extrafine: Short cuff version

As you can see, I was wrong. I got accepted. I was jumping around, whooping, and scaring the cats for a few minutes. And then I freaked out because, you know, now I really, really had to do it. And so I did…

… organize yarn support for the first time
… multisize a pattern for the first time
… follow someone elses pattern template for the first time
… write up instructions that anyone besides me should be able to follow for the first time
… start a blog for the first time

Now, almost two years later, I’m soooo glad I did respond to that call for submissions. It made me realize, that I love writing knitting patterns, that submitting proposals isn’t scary at all and it helped me get over the flood of rejections that followed after that. I’ve learned a bunch of new skills – many of those through the generous (and awesome!) designers in the Designers Ravelry Group – from different knitting techniques over language skills (although writing a blog post in English still seems to take forever) to Excel calculations.

Thanks, Stephannie – you started this!


And now – the giveaway! (Yeah, I know you’ve been waiting for this while I got maudlin up there.)

What’s to be won?
First, there’s the chance to get a PDF copy of Hitch!
Second, because this is my special occasion pattern, I’ll throw in a skein of Drachenwolle yarn: 320 m of semisolid burgundy bliss in 100% extrafine merino for a second lucky winner!

How to win?
Leave a comment and let me know which pattern you plan on knitting first. You can view them all here. For an additional chance, tweet about this giveaway and leave an additional comment about it here (just so I don’t miss it…).

Comments are open for one week, so you’ve got plenty of time to decide…

And if you don’t win… you can order Hitch! as a PDF or PDF+Print package here. You’ll be glad you did! And maybe you’ll join us at the Hitch Ravelry Group for a KAL or just to chat about your favourite Hitchcock movie…
And at Drachenwolle, you’ll find a veritable dragon’s hoard of wooly treasures – enter at your own peril!

And the blogtour continues…
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12 thoughts on “Hitch! – Blogtour

  1. I love the Rio gloves and would probably knit them first. I love the cypress point cardigan, but already have two WIP cardigans. I’m not allowing myself to start another until I finish those.

  2. Der Constanze Shawl gefällt mir am Besten, aber Melanie ist auch wundervoll. Aber stricken würde ich vermutlich erstmal die Alicia Mitts, weil ich gerade im Handschuhfieber bin und mir die umwerfend gut gefallen. Ach ja, getwittert hab ich auch (Nadeshda11)

  3. Tolles Design und die Farbwahl finde ich auch total klasse…..twittern kann ich leider nicht, da ich leider zur “Nicht-Twitter-Fraktion” zähle…..

    lg Marie

  4. Congratulations, Stefanie! What a great story. I love the Rio Gloves (though I have always been nervous about knitting gloves – all those fingers!). I also love the Eleven Hundred Dollars Sweater; not only is the sweater great, but I love the scene it’s based on.

  5. Well first of all Congratulations! The book and collection looks wonderful and how exciting to be part of it. I would definitely knit the Rio gloves first, second up the Francie shawl.

  6. I would knit the Ambrose Chapel Capelet and then everything else! I love this book I love almost every pattern in it, I would love a chance to win some and some Drachenwolle to go with!

  7. Your Rio Gloves, the Melanie Shawl, and the Greenwich Village Cardigan would definitely be my choices for first knits. What a fabulous collection! Thank you for taking that first stop in design. You are an amazing designer, and we would have all missed out if you had not chosen to submit the pattern.

  8. Three Second Kiss ist hinreißend! Und getwittert (hklmonster) habe ich auch. Jetzt heißt es wohl warten 🙂 (“writing a blog post in English still seems to take forever” – I am right there with you!)

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