Debriefing: Sneachda Tam


verb (used with object)

  1. to interrogate (a soldier, astronaut, diplomat, etc.) on return from a mission in order to assess the conduct and results of the mission.
  2. to question formally and systematically in order to obtain useful intelligence or information.

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While I’m neither a soldier nor a diplomat (not to mention an astronaut) I feel it might still be useful for both aspiring knitwear designers and myself to take a good look at past (sub)missions – pun intended – and find out what’s been done good and where there’s, ahem, room for improvement.

I’ve borrowed this format from Jennifer at Tinking Turtle Designs, who’s kindly agreed to let me use her idea. You should hop over to her site – not only has she her own  submission briefings to share; you could also check out quite a few very nice crochet and knitting patterns and designer interviews. Also, there’s cats. 🙂


Since the Sneachda Tam has been released now, it’s time for another debriefing…

The beautiful and inspiring moodboard

I responded to a call for submissions by SweetGeorgia Yarns – if you’re interested to see how such a call can look like, click the link or the pic. The general mood was supposed to be:

Into the woods. Crisp air. Shocking colour amidst fading and fragile foliage. Seeking comfort and warmth. Wrapped in cozy layers.


Things Done Well

  • I’ve tweaked the layout a little bit more and think I’ll keep it that way. All relevant information has its place, but I can move around the individual sections and adjust their size according to the space they need.
  • I actually knitted the complete design once before submitting – I like to do that for small projects to get a feel how the idea in my head translates into an actual knitted piece.
  • The design concept is written more concise as before – I’ve started to use bullet point lists to remind myself of keeping things short and to the point. No more rambling “Oh, no’s” for me!

Could Have Been Better

  • Swatch: I went a bit overboard with the different coloured versions of my sample tam. That’s owing to the fact that
    • A: I recently learned how to change the colour of things in Gimp
    • B: There was a lot of space to fill (you can probably tell…)
  • I could have done a little more about the yarn – colour suggestions, small pics of the proposed colourways, a few more words about the qualities than “Any sock yarn will do”

What Have I Been Thinking?

  • This time there’s nothing really abysmal to whine about. Phew!
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5 thoughts on “Debriefing: Sneachda Tam

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    • I’m so glad you find them useful!
      I’ve always been amazed at the incredible amount of support and generosity I’ve received from fellow designers (technically we’re supposed to be competitors, aren’t we?) and hope to give back a little…
      Thinking Abundance here…

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