Right - that's me.When I was little my mother and her best friend were always knitting. I’ve got memories of them, side by side, knitting needles in hand – on the sofa in the living room, on the beach, in cafés, in the garden and even at the roadside during a traffic jam while going on our family vacation. They made the patterns up themselves, mostly (it being the 80’s, the colors were bold and the shapes square, wide-shouldered and with padded shoulders – I shudder a little in remembering) since there weren’t many knitting magazines around, let alone things like Vogue Knitting, Ravelry or Knitting blogs.

Naturally I was fascinated: You take some yarn, two pointy sticks, fiddle around a little and get clothing. Magic! Sadly, my mother didn’t have the patience to teach me anything but the very basics – so my knitting was confined to garter stitch scarves at first and garter squares from which I used to sew everything you can make of knitted squares. My pride was a knitted and lined rucksack. After that I felt like I had reached the peak of my ambition and the needles languished in a drawer for years – until I went away for college.

There I started again and this time actually learned how to knit complete garments (academic education helps with picking up skills from books) and explored the mysteries of sock-knitting. After I had decided to knit a coat from bulky wool (and failed spectacularly) I lost interest. I had gotten to the limits of self-study again and lost steam (pieces of the coat of doom are still rotting in the cellar).

A few years ago then, I discovered the unlimited fund of knitting advice, techniques, tutorials, videos, blogs and pattern databases the internet age has to offer for knitters. Being able to connect with knitters and their ideas all over the world got me hooked (needled?) for good. Since then I’m hardly seen without some WIP in my lap.

I’ve been happy to knit others’ patterns for years, not changing a thing. Then I made a few modifications here and there but I still thought I didn’t have it in me to be a designer myself. And then, one day, my head was filled with design ideas that clamoured to be brought out into the open. So here I am, starting yet another knitting blog – just so the voices go silent 🙂


On the non-knitting side of things: I’m working on my master-thesis in archaeology, more or less patiently sorting sifting through a giant heap of ceramic shards from a 2000 year old Germanic settlement.

At home I’m the personal servant to two cats, who seem to think I buy all that yarn just so they can have fun with it and that knitting should always be done while arranging the needles and yarn around at least one cat sitting on your lap.

I’m living in Münster, Northrhine-Westphalia – and plan to continue to do so for as long as possible. I really like it here…


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