Double Lace Rib Socks – Free Pattern

Double Lace Rib socks - remember them?

Double Lace Rib socks – remember them?

Wow, how do I always forget how long it actually takes to take a perfectly simple design (so simple I could work it up without even putting down any notes) and transform it into an actual knitting pattern someone besides me can work from? And why, WHY, did I give in to the compulsion to add another size? Which threw off all the numbers and resulted in much cursing, calculations and coffee consumption…

The point of this rant being: Since I foolishly promised to have the pattern for my quick and simple Double Lace Rib Socks up and running by Monday I had little choice but to stop whining and finish the job. (Can you hear the steely determination in my voice?) I could hardly back out and pretend I meant the Monday after that…

Long story short – I’m done. Finished. The pattern is ready and up for download. Have fun knitting!

PDF download: Double Lace Rib Socks v130513

If you’re interested in more handmade stuff in- and outside the knitting world, head over to Handmade Harbour (click the button in the sidebar –>).

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Ravelry Roundup – Ankles!

Usually I have a little bit of time to spare on a Saturday and yes, I have to plead guilty, I often spend too much of it browsing through the patterns on Ravelry. I know I’m only making my bad case of castonitis worse, but what can I say… I’m a weak knitter. And, since misery loves company: why not drag you all down with me into the mire of knitting addiction?

In my Ravelry Roundups I’ll share with you a handful of patterns I’ve collected and that

  1. may either be themed or be a collection of last week’s newly published favourites
  2. are available for download (paid or free), not in print publications – that’s because not everyone may be able to get their hands on those
  3. are written in English or have an English translation – because not everyone’s comfortable with knitting from only half understood foreign language patterns.

Those patterns are not tried and tested by me – they’re just what took my fancy this week.

This time it’ll be:


Well… ankle socks to be precise. I like to knit (and wear) those, especially in spring and summer – they’re really, really quick knits, they’re cute and they look good with summery shoes and garments.

Let’s get started then.

Whippersnapper socks by Hunter Hammersen

Whippersnapper socks by Hunter Hammersen

This is a very unisex pattern and can be lengthened or shortened as much as you like. In the pattern picture the socks are styled in an autumn mood, but imagine them in a bright, summery color! The pattern is easy to memorize yet engaging enough to keep you interested – and the second sock is mirrored, so you might even get to finish it before second-sock-syndrome sets in… Continue reading

FO Friday 137 – Lace-Rib Socks (Pattern coming soon…)

Happy FO-Friday everyone!

I’m a little late to the party today… in fact. I only just bound off the last stitches and wove in the ends of my (finally) finished pair of lace-rib socks. Please don’t mind the slightly weird looking feet – it’s not easy to take pictures of your own feet without them either looking slightly distorted or breaking your back to get the angle right…

LaceRib Socks
Pattern: Basic toe-up socks with a lace-rib stitch pattern plunked in (stay tuned if you like them – I’ll post the instructions next week!)

Yarn: Dukaten Bibione (100% superwash wool) in a slightly yellowish light green colorway

What about you? Have you a finished object or two (or three) to share? Just head over to Tami’s Amis (click the pic) and join the rest of the FO-Friday crowd.

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FO Friday 124 – More Baby Knits

Happy FO-Friday everyone!

I’m still busily knitting tiny little baby things whenever I’m not in the mood for sample, swatch or otherwise “work related” knitting.

Another Drops Design pattern has fairly flown off my needles during the past week. (I needed a lot of distraction knitting.)

Here’s the little vest to go with the green pixie hat. I’ve been using up the remainder of the green cotton yarn, plus some white cotton/acrylic blend and the few yards of teal CotLin left over from my Holla Knits sample.

Froggy vest. Drops Design: b19-20

Froggy vest.
Drops Design: b19-20 (free pattern)

Will you believe me if I tell you I “lost” the pixie hat? I know it’s got to be somewhere, but where the heck did I put it? It’ll probably be 2 sizes too small when (if) I finally discover the completely logical and obvious place I stored it in.

What about you? Have you a finished object or two (or three) to share? Just head over to Tami’s Amis (click the pic) and join the rest of the FO-Friday crowd.

Useful Knitting Resources on the Net

As I promised yesterday, today I’ll give you an overview of my favorite online resources for stitch patterns and techniques. It isn’t a complete list of everything that’s out there by a long stretch (methinks that would be a never-ending blog-post), just a short list of my go-to sites when I’m looking for a better way to do something, need some inspiration or just have to look up that pesky Kitchener stitch once again. Continue reading