Useful Knitting Resources on the Net

As I promised yesterday, today I’ll give you an overview of my favorite online resources for stitch patterns and techniques. It isn’t a complete list of everything that’s out there by a long stretch (methinks that would be a never-ending blog-post), just a short list of my go-to sites when I’m looking for a better way to do something, need some inspiration or just have to look up that pesky Kitchener stitch once again. Continue reading


Look what I found! – Zen of Kitchener stitch

Grafting or Kitchener Stitch can be a very useful technique that shouldn’t be missing from your knitting repertoire… it’s a great way of joining two rows of live stitches to create a seamless appearance.

But, since it’s nothing I use on a daily basis (not like basic knitting stitches or seaming techniques) I tend to forget in which order the needle needs to be put knitwise and purlwise through the stitches.

If you click on the picture you’ll get to a picture tutorial (helpful if you don’t know yet how to do the Kitchener stitch) and a printable version of this memory aid to keep in you project bag or wallet. Just in case you need to remember the knit-purl-purl-knit while commuting. I hate it when I can’t go on with my knitting project on the way home from work because I forgot to bring the pattern along, for example. One word about the chanting aloud mentioned in the picture: It helps. It really does. And once you’ve settled into the rhythm it’s actually quite soothing. People might look askance though, if you’re sitting in the train, mumbling “Knit.Purl.Purl.Knit.Knit.Purl…” instead of shouting details about your private life into your cellphone. That’s not normal, you know? Continue reading

Look what I found – Color Inspirations

Hey, another (ir)regular feature for the blog!

There’s so much funny, inspirational, useful knitting stuff out there – I thought I’d use Tuesdays to share my latest finds with you.

I stumbled over this picture on Pinterest last night. A few clicks later I found myself on this great website with literally hundreds of shade-cards, each one presented with a wonderful picture. Continue reading