Sneachda Tam Photo courtesy of SweetGeorgia Yarns

Sneachda Tam
CAD $ 5.00
Available from SGY on Ravelry

This slouchy tam features a deceptively simple textured pattern forming into a snowflake-like shape on the crown.
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Gloves Sidebar
Marching Band Gloves
€ 4.00
Available on Ravelry and Craftsy
For a little daily taste of luxury, these  gloves are just perfect. They use a gorgeous silk and merino blend yarn, which combines warmth with softness. The buttons are a fabulous final flourish, so get rummaging in your button jar!

Nachtfalter MasiKnits
$ 6.00
Available on Craftsy
In this top you have everything you can ask for in your knitting. Cables? Check. Ribbing? Check? In the round? Check. Worked flat? Check. Lace? Check.
There is virtually no shaping and almost no finishing to be done, while you’re allowed to play around with different yarns and to combine your favourite colors. Nachtfalter is a perfect summer knit. Wear it over tank top, flirty skirt and heels for a night on the town. Or head out to the beach in slim capris and flip flops.

Rio gloves - short version with one button

Rio Gloves
Part of: Hitch – Patterns Inspired by the Films of Alfred Hitchcock

Ebook and print version can be ordered here from Cooperative Press.

These fitted, wrist length gloves are my interpretation of the late 40’s, early 50’s ‘New Look’, that Ingrid Bergman shows so spectacularly as Alicia Huberman in „Notorious“. They are mostly monochrome and knit mainly in stockinette to recreate that uncluttered style, while the split cuffs, rows of contrasting slip stitch ridges and simple crochet edgings add interest to the design.

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LaceRib Socks
Double Lace Rib Socks
Free pattern
Available here and on Craftsy
I like lacy socks. I also like my socks close-fitting and snug, which often leads to frustration. Lacy socks, in my opinion, tend to get wider when worn. I mean, who wants their socks puckering inside their shoes? But ribbing alone is soooo boring. So why not combine a little lace with an overall ribbing pattern to get the best of both? Said and done, here they are: Double Lace Rib Socks at your service.
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Pillar Mitts - Free Ravelry download

Pillar Mitts
Free Download
Available on Ravelry and Craftsy
These cabled fingerless mitts knit up quickly and will keep you warm on cool spring days or summer evenings without interfering with your knitting and are even short enough to let you show off your favorite rings.


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