I did it!

Really, I did! I dragged myself, kicking and screaming, into the Century of the Fruitbat. (If you’ll excuse the Discworld reference…)

Yesterday I set up a Facebook page for reWOLLuzza. Good thing no-one was there to tape that 2 hour session in front of my computer. Things looked strange. Things didn’t do as they were supposed to do. Cursing ensued. The monitor got shouted at. Cats ran and hid themselves in the closet. Things got deleted. Things were redone. Several times. More cursing. 

reWOLLuzza arrives in the Year of the Fruitbat

reWOLLuzza arrives in the Century of the Fruitbat

But I did it. You know…  kicking and screaming.

Now I’ll have to find out how to get it out there into the big knitting world, get people to notice (and maybe even like) it so that all the nerves I wrecked struggling with this evil manifestation of the modern age new and exciting method of communication won’t go to waste.*

It’s still kind of rudimentary, but I’m working on it. And I promise to keep the cursing down to a barely audible mutter…


*That’s a discreet hint for y’all to go there, have a look, press any like buttons you can find and tell all your friends about it. Ahem. Hint, hint.
And maybe, maybe, I’ll even get a facebook account for myself. In time…