Ravelry Roundup – Ankles!

Usually I have a little bit of time to spare on a Saturday and yes, I have to plead guilty, I often spend too much of it browsing through the patterns on Ravelry. I know I’m only making my bad case of castonitis worse, but what can I say… I’m a weak knitter. And, since misery loves company: why not drag you all down with me into the mire of knitting addiction?

In my Ravelry Roundups I’ll share with you a handful of patterns I’ve collected and that

  1. may either be themed or be a collection of last week’s newly published favourites
  2. are available for download (paid or free), not in print publications – that’s because not everyone may be able to get their hands on those
  3. are written in English or have an English translation – because not everyone’s comfortable with knitting from only half understood foreign language patterns.

Those patterns are not tried and tested by me – they’re just what took my fancy this week.

This time it’ll be:


Well… ankle socks to be precise. I like to knit (and wear) those, especially in spring and summer – they’re really, really quick knits, they’re cute and they look good with summery shoes and garments.

Let’s get started then.

Whippersnapper socks by Hunter Hammersen

Whippersnapper socks by Hunter Hammersen

This is a very unisex pattern and can be lengthened or shortened as much as you like. In the pattern picture the socks are styled in an autumn mood, but imagine them in a bright, summery color! The pattern is easy to memorize yet engaging enough to keep you interested – and the second sock is mirrored, so you might even get to finish it before second-sock-syndrome sets in… Continue reading