WIP Wednesday 164 – In which I knit an opera

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all doing fine.


I’m a happy camper, since nature has decided to grace us with a bunch of beautifully sunny and crisp fall days. My mood always adjusts to the weather, and a long stretch of dreary greyness leaves me downcast and unhappy, while a few days of sunshine make me want to sing the whole day…

Also improving my mood is the fact that I sent two finished samples and pattern drafts off to the UK this week. Nothing like completing a task to make you feel accomplished and contented. This has the added bonus of leaving me a bit of time for private knitting, which I may actually share pictures and information about. Yay!

I’m making the Flying Dutchman socks – a pattern that’s been on my to-do-list for a few months, with a very specific recipient in mind. On monday, while out grocery shopping I came across this yarn in the absolutely perfect colours!

Flying Dutchman Arrangement

Taking advantage of the wonderful weather, I took myself, my knitting, a glass of fresh apple juice and an audio book out onto the balcony. Flying Dutchman is a well written pattern and easy to follow, which probably wasn’t easy to achieve with this in-the-round Jacquard technique. Chapeau to the designer!

Flying Dutchman Closeup

I made a few modifications to the original:

  • Knit in a slightly larger gauge, since I need the socks to fit my father, not a medium-sized lady (the men in my family are virtual big-foots)
  • Knit an afterthought heel instead of a flap-and-gusset heel (purely because I’m lazy)
  • Have the motif show on the outer, instead of the inner calf

Can you see the ship appear in the stripes on the leg? It’s hard to photograph in full sunlight, but it looks great in reality! My dad, being a passionate yachtsman, will hopefully be as thrilled with this ghostly yacht appearing on his socks as I am…

WIP buttonAs always, I’m joining up with the knitting crowd gathered at Tami’s Amis for WIP Wednesdays… why not go and pay a visit?

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WIP Wednesday 161 – Socks and more Secrets!

So, the one top-secret design WIP is on hold for now, until I’ve received the missing color. Time to move on, no time to waste.

Will I be able to show you more pics of this one? No, of course not. Why do you even ask? Sorry, it’ll keep that way for at least 3 weeks more (if I’m really, really quick).

Generic toe craftily obscuring the finished sock in the background...

Generic stockinette stitch sole  craftily obscuring the finished sock in the background…

This is one of three designs I’m currently preparing for upcoming issues of Knit Now magazine. It’s obviously a sock. That much I can tell. What else?

  • It’s toe-up
  • It has a short-row heel
  • It does NOT feature w&t’s
  • It’s rather on the bulky side (obviously)

I’m knitting with Manos del Uruguay Wool Clasica.

All in all I like this yarn: It’s singles (which I asked for), it’s pure wool (which I generally like) and it’s surprisingly soft. There’s one little fly in the ointment: Parts of it are severely overtwisted and almost as thin as sewing thread, while others are thick and fluffy without any twist at all. This can of course happen in handspun yarn, and I’d definitely use this yarn again, but it can probably shine and show off its qualities better in a larger, all stockinette project. I’d love to try one of their beautiful variegated colourways for a simple stockinette cowl or scarf.

As always, I’m joining up with the knitting crowd gathered at Tami’s Amis for WIP Wednesdays… why not go and pay a visit?


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Double Lace Rib Socks – Free Pattern

Double Lace Rib socks - remember them?

Double Lace Rib socks – remember them?

Wow, how do I always forget how long it actually takes to take a perfectly simple design (so simple I could work it up without even putting down any notes) and transform it into an actual knitting pattern someone besides me can work from? And why, WHY, did I give in to the compulsion to add another size? Which threw off all the numbers and resulted in much cursing, calculations and coffee consumption…

The point of this rant being: Since I foolishly promised to have the pattern for my quick and simple Double Lace Rib Socks up and running by Monday I had little choice but to stop whining and finish the job. (Can you hear the steely determination in my voice?) I could hardly back out and pretend I meant the Monday after that…

Long story short – I’m done. Finished. The pattern is ready and up for download. Have fun knitting!

PDF download: Double Lace Rib Socks v130513

If you’re interested in more handmade stuff in- and outside the knitting world, head over to Handmade Harbour (click the button in the sidebar –>).

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WIP Wednesday 141 – Ugh in Progress

Happy WIP-Wednesday everyone!

It’s been a while since I last shared a WIP (too much designing, too little knitting I’m afraid).


What I’ve got today is an almost finished pair of socks that I’m not very happy about. I’ll show you, why, in a minute.

I didn’t use a pattern (I can knit a pair of toe-ups for myself by now without even glancing at a sock pattern) and chose a simple stitch pattern (namely a 3×1 garter rib) that made for quick, mindless, on-the-go knitting. I worked happily along in the bus, on the train, in doctor’s waiting rooms and at coffee break. I finished the first sock and started the second. Still happy, even though the yarn is neither very pretty nor a real pleasure to knit with (it’s quite scratchy). Half a sock later my first ball of yarn was finished and I joined the second.

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