New Pattern: Garland

It’s that time of the year – patterns are popping out of the ground left, right and center. And one of them’s mine…

Pompom Cover

To find this on the cover of Pom Pom Quarterly (a magazine whose style I’ve adored from the first issue and wanted to contribute to ever since) was such a nice surprise when I looked in to Ravelry after a long (and a little frustrating) day at work.

Garland  Main

I love layering several skirts or dresses and tops with different lengths – and in winter, you just need that one extra layer made of the lightest, feathery yarn; wide and short enough to let all layers swing freely and simple in shape and stitch pattern so as not to overwhelm the outfit. That’s Garland!

A boxy, oversized sweater with long, ribbed drop sleeves. Mostly plain stockinette, the body is the perfect canvas to show off beautiful mohair lace yarns, with just a little delicate lace garland above the ribbed hem and around the armscyes.
The wide neckline is framed by a slightly funneled, folded ribbed collar.

Garland DetailJess from sofTrope died this beautiful, light green colourway (called ghazal) on a base of silk and kid mohair (Kidsilk Lace). It was a huge treat to knit with, so soft and silky. As a statement about the awesomeness of this yarn, just let me say this: I enjoyed knitting with it, even though I had to work on the sample during a spell of sweltering heat…

You can get this and 9 other beautiful, romantic patterns more as well as a whole load of articles and tutorials in the Winter issue of Pom Pom Quarterly, which you can order here (in print + digital for £ 9.50).



All pictures courtesy of Pom Pom Quarterly.

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WIP Wednesday #3 – Eastlake once more

Happy WIP-Wednesday everyone!

Did I tell you I’d have at least one sleeve done for the Eastlake sweater? Seems I overestimated myself. I’ve been so busy with the samples I only managed a few inches of sleeve – but at least I already sewed up the back neck, which wasn’t as easy as it sounds…

The front neckline extends over the shoulders to the back – the short ends will be seamed or grafted and the upper edge sewn to the back.

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FO Friday #2

Happy FO-Friday everyone!
This week I didn’t manage to finish anything I could show off here – having heaps of WIPs I may not post fotos of leads to heaps of FOs I may not post fotos of. Luckily (for me) I still have even more heaps of older FOs I haven’t shown you and was too lazy to make fotos of for my Ravelry project page, so I’ve taken the hint and had a fotoshoot with some of them yesterday in between the cloud bursts.

Neither Lions nor Philistines…

I particularly like the collar and gathered sleeve-caps…

  • Project: Neither Lions nor Philistines
  • Pattern: When Sampson met Lila by Insa Ka
  • Yarn: Keops by Lanas Stop (50% cotton / 50% acrylic)
  • Needles: US size 4 circulars
  • Notes: This was a really great pattern to knit. The vintagey gathered sleeve-caps and the trinity-stitch cowl-neck immediately got me hooked.
    As almost always, I modified the pattern to knit in the round (the less seaming, the better), otherwise I mostly followed the given instructions. After some deliberations I decided to reverse the color-scheme: The combination of vanilla-yellow and warm grey was fine, but I didn’t like the light color close to my face (I would have looked like a zombie). So I did the body in yellow and the collar and borders in grey. Continue reading

WIP Wednesday #1

Happy WIP-Wednesday everyone!

I’ve got at least 5 projects in the loops at the moment. Problem is – I must not show you 4 of them! This is almost the hardest part about submitting your designs to publications – you may never, ever, EVER put up any fotos, whatsoever, anywhere someone might see them. So while I’d love to share my progress with you guys, I’ll have to keep them in the top-secret, eyes-only locker and instead settle for the one project I’m doing just for myself…

My, he’s grown up so fast!

I’ve written about the pattern before and mentioned some of the mistakes in the pattern. Any irregularities in the leaf-insertion are corrected in the errata section on the Berroco website (link in the original post). A listing of more errors and some suggestions for modifications you can find at Soknitpicky’s project page and blog. Continue reading

A promise broken…

Did I foolishly promise pictures of past knitting adventures? I’m sorry, none today…
Instead I’ll talk a little about my current WIP – Norah Gaughan’s wonderful Eastlake Sweater.

Eastlake sweater by Norah Gaughan – WIP

I try to squeeze in a few rounds of knitting it whenever the normal madness of life and the special madness of swatching, submitting and sample knitting leaves time.
This sweater is wonderful! A great design – I love the neckline, the sleeve-length and of course the inset lace motif. Knitting it is a pleasure, especially since I modified it for knitting in the round. No pesky purl rows involved.
What’s not so wonderful is a plethora of inconsistencies popping up all over the pattern. Some of them are addressed in the errata, but a few still crop up. For example it has you decrease after the initial ribbing across a purled row for the back but a row of ribbing for the front. Continue reading