Double Lace Rib Socks – Free Pattern

Double Lace Rib socks - remember them?

Double Lace Rib socks – remember them?

Wow, how do I always forget how long it actually takes to take a perfectly simple design (so simple I could work it up without even putting down any notes) and transform it into an actual knitting pattern someone besides me can work from? And why, WHY, did I give in to the compulsion to add another size? Which threw off all the numbers and resulted in much cursing, calculations and coffee consumption…

The point of this rant being: Since I foolishly promised to have the pattern for my quick and simple Double Lace Rib Socks up and running by Monday I had little choice but to stop whining and finish the job. (Can you hear the steely determination in my voice?) I could hardly back out and pretend I meant the Monday after that…

Long story short – I’m done. Finished. The pattern is ready and up for download. Have fun knitting!

PDF download: Double Lace Rib Socks v130513

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