Strange search terms people find me with…


Just looked over my site stats and found this gem of a search term:

she use the cape vaginas of her poncho cape

I wonder what they were looking for. And how the search engine figured I might be it… scary, somehow. 🙂




Design by Ellen Gibbs

I really wish my kitties would put one of those up when they had to go barf during the night… there’s nothing like that squishy feeling of stepping barefoot into a disgusting puddle of half digested grass and kat nibbles when you wander dazedly in the general direction of the kitchen and tea/coffee in the morning.

Way to start my day! Thanks, furry roommates…


English: The Red-eyed Tree Frog (Litoria chlor...

Ribbit, ribbit (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You know what sucks? If you discover two full 12-row repeats into a new stitch pattern that you miscalculated your increases.

I’ll be frogging (and cursing) then. See ya!

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Oh boy!


Is it truly almost September?!? It seemed like I only skipped a few days… and bam!… there’s a new month around the corner.

Somehow I feel like a truant 🙂

But I promise, I’ve been knitting and designing steadfastly and there’s a lot of news to tell – tomorrow. There’s a deadline looming on the horizon and the almost, almost finished sweater is staring at me balefully from its place right next to me. If I don’t get knitting again soon, it’ll start crawling up my lap… Oh dear, I think it moved! Got to go, see you tomorrow! I hope…

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